Republican racism, Tea Party racism, time to turn it around

After 30 years.

I have a relatively narrow point to make, but it does take some setting up. I hope you’ll indulge me.

At the end of the Civil War, the center of the “American Doctrine of Liberty” which forms the corpus of conservatism in America today was found in the northeast, the Yankee homeland. That’s right. Boston, New York, Philadelphia. (Catch your breath, it’s true.)

How it moved on is interesting. It left the northeast because they first became secular, which, if you know much about the Anglican church in America, hasn’t really been all that difficult for over a century. Moreover, over the span a generation, 1870s-1910, academe in the northeast (and other education centers) began to move away from the homegrown doctrines of liberty in favor of foreign (English and German) theories, e.g., Hegel and Marx, thanks to John Dewey and others. By the Wilson era constitutional and religious conservatism had become de classe in almost all the northeast, and in most of academe east of the Mississippi. Even in Atlanta, you just weren’t “in” unless you were “in” to Dewey.

But they were still Republicans. This is why I am less sanguine than most of you about the moderate nature of RINO’s in the northeast. This is the secular world they’d been born into for over 90 years. They can’t help it. In ideals about liberty, the founders’ vision, the common man, they are as childlike and innocent as the third generation mom who takes her welfare check into 7-11 to buy lottery tickets. I always cut people some slack who “don’t know nothing about nothing.” (Hodge). In fact, the Shoshones would have paid them no mind at all, and simply given them some buffalo sinew and bone needles, and left them in camp to sit around with the squaws and chew buffalo hides while the men were out hunting.

(That said, I hope you’ll show them more Christian charity in the future. A pat on the head, and maybe a cheap copy of Edward Everett Hale’s Man Without a Country from Amazon.com, and, if they read it…who knows?)

Rushing ahead to 1980 and Ronald Reagan, his revolution caused a transformation of the Republican Party as well as re-ignited the American Doctrine of Liberty. Only it did nothing to change the northeast. Just 12 years after the riots in Chicago, the university system all over America was dominated by the by-now tenured radical leftists who were the natural spawn of what Dewey started 60 years earlier. Only sociologically and demographically (baby boomers) were they an anomaly. (There were so damned many of us.) Academically, they were right on cue.

Ronald Reagan understood the nature of communism, including its end game and natural animus toward liberty. What he could allow himself to do was look out across the gathered Congress and imagine any of their intentions were the same as Karl Marx’s. His basic belief in America made him believe they were just playing politics. On this he was wrong. And this same sense may have doomed George W Bush’s presidency, and maybe a whole generation of freedom in Amerika. Time will tell.

So, when this discarded notion of liberty from the northeast found fertile ground in the religious faiths of the South, and independence-loving West, well, the Republican Party spread south and west as well. At one time it was wall-to-wall red, from Florida to Washington. Can you remember when Colorado and New Mexico were sure-win red states? And even in the northeast Reagan found red buttons to push on the working classes and common man, even union members, i.e., patriotism, live and let live, religious freedom, family. (Button’s still there, only no one to push it.) Whether by plan or simply by good-natured humanity, he had nearly isolated the hateful-class.

It was during Reagan’s time that the Left first began raising the notion of Republican racism. This was in part because so many southern Democrats began changing parties in that period, and southern Democrats were, well, you know, racists. The only southern democrats that were forgiven this sin were those that stayed with the party, people like Robert Byrd. He’d seen the klieg(le) lights. But by definition a Republican convert could never see this light. Republicans were just cynically seeking a new home for their racial hatreds. Blah, blah, blah. You know the riff.

What Reagan didn’t do was fight back.

Maybe it was his natural good nature. Maybe it was because he thought, even through surrogates, it would be unseemly. Unpresidential. Maybe he thought we could ignore them. (In those days, I did. I was wrong.) Maybe in his deepest imagination, in his pre-internet world, he could not believe that members of Congress could be on the same revolutionary page as those Marxists who lived in the bowels of the Ivy League…and Moscow. Maybe he just thought that fight (racism) was over. We did seem to have turned a corner, you know. I was there.

What he and the GOP (Frank Fahrenkopf, who I knew), didn’t do was run a campaign reminding people that it was the Republicans who ended slavery. It was the Republicans who made the great Civil Rights legislation of the 1960s become law. Dr Martin Luther King was a Republican. Not once did they refer to the indecencies heaped on the blacks since LBJ as the “new plantation” it had in fact become. They always gave liberal “good intentions” over darker motives. They never saw the bigger game afoot.

They hoped it would all go away. None of those arguments did the GOP take to the people…and in those days it was much easier to get our message out than now. We didn’t fight back. And I know those of you who recall those days winced twice as hard when GW repeated the same mistake. So, through the print media and television mostly, the message stuck: the Republican Party had become the new home of the old Dixie-crats and the plantation-seekers, as well as the home of backward religious faith in this country. (With this combo, you can see why the northeast Republicans were so embarrassed by their new found political red-headed step cousins. What they didn’t realize is that they had become part of the plantation system themselves, the Left’s new domestic staff, house…er. They still haven’t figured out the joke had been on them all along.)

From Reagan to now, the GOP, through Bush I and II, had allowed the tags to stick, in part because the old blue blood GOP half-way believed it themselves, and two, if it came down to only two choices, class and country, they’d take class every time. Once the race label stuck, it was easy to extend it to women, gays, Latinos.

Which brings us to now. This is why I address this to both the GOP, but not only national but state parties, as well as the Tea Parties. Let’s see who steps up first.

Part Deux, the current racist-campaign

I’ve told you several times before, most of what the GOP says and does is planned for. No one ever went broke underestimating the Republican Party for clever ideas and strategies. They think this is still politics, you know, as in “when do we get our time in power again?” And considering the strident condemnations and defiance coming from the conservative internet (e.g., here at RedState) and at public sites all over the country (the Tea Parties) about Obamacare, it was fairly predictable what we would WANT TO do if it were passed. While the Tea Parties were unplanned for, I’ve also told you before, the Enemy catches on pretty quick, and they are one-two steps ahead here again.

Now they have set into motion a large multi-tiered national assault on racism within the Tea Party Movement, and have tied that to the “tacit approval” of this racism of the GOP, both at RNC and in the Congress. All based on lies. Their near-term purpose is to 1) cause the GOP to run entirely away from the Tea Parties by hanging on them the one milestone they fear most and 2) turn public sentiment against the Tea Parties. They have all their forces marshaled for this one campaign, for if they win, they can once again be secure in an electoral victory in November.

This is the sort of politics that causes the “moderate-of-spined” Republican to begin sweating in the palms of his hands, enough so that no one in the GOP will dare come on a public stage and challenge what we already know to be a fact…namely that not one single charge, from cat-calls of the n-word, or even the q-word at Barney Frank, from threats of violence or harm (did anyone hear the Stupak threats,”disgust”, “run from office”?, wow, I’m surprised he didn’t keel over in a faint…and I believe that call came from a pro-abortionist, not a pro-lifer) has ever been authenticated. Even the Perriello gas-line cutting…well, a dollar against a doughnut it was an inside job. That a Tea Partier did it is now a journalistic fait accompli even though not a single Republican would even know what such a line looks like, where the line is, or how to cut it, or even think to do it. (I wish I could take credit for it, but I can’t. Now, if he’d found a live skunk in the laundry room…)

I invite you to simply Google “GOP-Racism” or “Republican Racism” or “Tea Party Racism”. In fact, do it for the next week every day or so and watch the stories proliferate. There are over 700 now. A Latino interest group has opened a new website to bring pressure to bear on the GOP. I think even Newt has started apologizing, pit bull that he is. Interestingly, at the top of page one is a July 2009 story bringing back the lie that the GOP (or Rush Limbaugh) came up with the “Barack the Magic Negro” punchline, instead of a liberal LA Times reporter named David Ehrenstein in 2007.

My advice to both the GOP and the individual Tea Parties, from Virginia to Guam:

It’s time to roll these 30 years of lies back, and in the process, restore the official record. Are you listening, Mick Steele? Or is Mickey?

Hire a full time response team to contact via email and letter EVERY offending party, from website to newspaper to television news show, that reports as fact any of these unsubstantiated charges are considered to be libelous and defamation and actionable at law. Don’t flood their email banks…yet. First send them an official letter that they have x hours to retract, not just take down, but retract, the charges,…or get a lawyer. We’ll find you.

I don’t know about the GOP “brand” but in my view it is a brand that can be protected at law. I can’t go down to Richmond and establish my own “Republican Party”. The same goes for Tea Parties. Most of them have registered with the state governments. They have names that can be protected. And certainly reputations.

For the record, I know about the high bar of proof to actually win such a case, but I’m talking about legal terrorism here. The Left has been using it for years, and often at taxpayer expense. I wouldn’t be suggesting this if we had “loser pays”, but hey, it was their idea to keep the door to the courts unlocked. And quite frankly, I’m not sure that the case law really deems to go so low as to include ordinary citizens who band together just to petition their government.

Let the Baltimore Sun have to look at not one but twenty one cases filed in state or federal court by the RNC, the state GOP, and every registered Tea Party in Maryland, for making unfounded charges of racism against them with the specific intention of causing them harm. This is also personal harm. (Even I can prove intent to do just that.) The cost should be substantial for their side to answer if they only have to show up in court once. From our side, I’ll bet I could find pro bono attorneys in every city in Virginia where a Tea Party exists. What fun, they pay and we don’t.

But extend this to the little wise-ass on his home grown website in mom’s basement. Wait til the sheriff brings the summons around to that front door. Or the union thug wives trying to pick up extra cash at home, fronting for ACORN and SEIU. What fun tracking back the “corporate veil” in those households.

This can be done inside a week. What will happen will be that the GOP and the Tea Parties, individually and not in concert, will have stolen the media thunder. They will have stolen the agenda, the campaign, and turned it back onto the Left. The media will suddenly bury the charges and the racism campaign, but not before the last thing the public knows is not that the GOP/Tea Parties have been charged with racism, but that the media and several incorporate and private web sites and persons have been sued in court for race-baiting….and those cases are pending.

And a good time was had by all.

I like it. For almost thirty years we’ve allowed this to fester. It’s time to nip it in the bud. It’s time we aggressively moved to take back the racial high ground in this country, and remind the general public, people of color, moderate Republicans, and ourselves just where the home of racial harmony is, and where the home of true racism resides. And the Left has just given us the best opportunity ever.