When the Pity Party collides with the Victim Party

In February I wrote about when a “Party” ain’t a party, but a “party”, concerning the attempts by the Left to frame the Tea Party Movement as an actual political party rather than what it is, an event built around a common sense of purpose. “Hey, let’s have a party, throw back some beers, then toss some kegs of tea in the sea.” Of course, after a couple of pints, some one else said, “Hey I have a better idea. Let’s dress up and blame the Injuns fer it.” Then a third pipes in, “Hell, ain’t a injun been seed 60 miles from Boston since Deerfield. They’ll still know it was us.” He was voted down, but a good time was had by all, and right in the middle of Boston Harbor a fire was lit. History happens.

That’s a party, not a “Party”.

But about the Pity Party, weeelllll, I’m not so sure.

What I am certain about is that when certain things collide, the outcome can more often as not be determined by various pre-existing conditions. Good will defeat Evil,but only if and when it stands up to it. But then, every time. The opposite is also true. When one side declares itself all-in and the other declares itself waffling,  all-in wins. Every time. When a person declares himself willing to kill or be killed (even if he’s bluffing), he will win if the other fellow only thinks bragging rights are involved. Every time. Money matters, organization matters. Planning matters. Guns in knife fights matter. But without a clear determination to win once it has been determined the other side isn’t messing around this time …and since last Sunday we know this to be the case…the wafflers lose. Every time.

I just described the Republican Party as currently constituted, and this is one the crosses we must bear. It has nothing to do with style, manners, making nice, appearances, but rather a cold clear understanding of what the other side means to do. Violence isn’t the issue if you know they will resort to it first, if pressed. I’m not a pre-emptionist. But I do mean to be a finisher.

But as a burden, it is also one we can do something about.

But there are things we can do nothing about. And those things are what most often causes us to turn toward self-pity. It’s like that four putt green on the 6th hole on the way to an 85. It can nag at us all day, costing us another 5-6 strokes. It’s like that bad call third strike by the ump in the first inning that causes us to go 0-for-4, and muff two easy grounders. “It’s not fair” can blind us, weight us down. Indeed it can immobilize us.

Now, the conservative blogosphere serves many things to many people. Some, a few, are very good sources of news. I get almost all my news here at RedState now. I also get a large portion of my analysis here, not to mention scads of links to still more specialized sites. I want science and tech?, Vladimir has the links. Politics, macro and micro, EE, Moe and several more are always there. History, Philosophy, Ethics, you name it, it’s here. And now there is a university in development, which I swear, since I know his people read RS, Glenn Beck coincidentally is about to start as well and charge $6 a month to access.

On the flip side many blogs are driven by “dig me”, which can show up as narcissism, usually by the host who loves the sounds of his own keyboard (Bernie has a short fuse with conservative self-admirers), but also just as a way to show off some new found knowledge. Some of the best writing on RedState can be found in the Comments sections here, which i consider to be a major “embedded” power of RedState. (More on that at another time.)

And of course, RedState, probably above all the rest, is a font of activism, most of which appears in other venues off-site. This is why I came here, because, notwithstanding my longwindedness, talking is dry work.

Lastly, most blogs are great outlets for commiseration. It is a place where people can vent. It’s where one can go to say “It’s not fair.” Even whine a little. We all do it. But on this account, I have to remind you of a few things; First, they’s a wahr on. It’s for real, and if you ever doubted it before Sunday, it’s for all the marbles. And like it or not, the lot falls to us to win it. Not the GOP as currently situated. Our toil is heavy ladened.

And we have all sorts of disadvantages. We only have knives and they do have all sorts of guns. We have no money, which is being hoarded back at Goliad. And Goliad ain’t sending Fannin anytime soon, either. And we all have our families to attend to. I’m full time, as are a few more of you, but we’re down to our last bushel of sweet potatoes down in the root cellar. The well’s running dry. Many of you have to begin thinking of spring planting now, or you’ll be wearing sackcloth shortly as well.

Worst of all, the Enemy knows the pickle we’re in. They know the American people, in order to hold onto the House, the car, and keep the kids fed and clothed, have to hunker down eventually. In fact, they rely on it. It was always part of their plan. So, they don’t have to sound the deguello, and charge the barricades. Instead they are surrounding us, and will soon be moving in new units to outflank us on our Left, and our other Left. They can just wait us out. They’re all-in, but they are content that we can’t change things back at Goliad. In fact, their spies assure them this is true.

Sounds dire, huh? If you think I have a way to get us out of this mess, I don’t. I just know there’s no place to run, or hide, just as i know that from where the sun now stands (Chief Joseph) there is no longer a place for anyone in the world seeking refuge to run and hide. If we fall, it’s over.

Or we can surrender. Or not.

I do know we have to hold this fort until relief comes from Goliad, or we can replace the current leadership at Goliad with our own Sam Houston. We do have friends back there.

What I am saying is that there really isn’t much time for self-pity anymore. There is no time for a “Now, now” and a hug. These two things we can no longer afford to sit around and rail about the unfairness of it all. (Talk radio will do it all for us anyway. They have to kill three hours each day.) First is the media. Get over it. The media is not the propaganda machine for the Enemy. They are the Enemy. Imagine Churchill going on the radio every night in London and whining to the people about what they were saying about him in Deutsche Zeitung in Berlin that day. They are the Enemy and they are trying to enslave you. What do you expect them to say, really? It is in their nature to do what they do. You can smite them (politically) but give up this notion they can be made to be fair. They are the Enemy.

And the same for the much aired and re-aired, ad naseum, sound bytes of Barack Hussein Obama, He is a socialist, and the only people he speaks to in his speeches are the client sector, people perpetually without jobs, other socialists, and little wannabe socialists who just can’t wait to get their degree then get their entry-level rubber stamping kit and start stamping whatever grown-up socialists tell them to stamp. Making us listen to it is a form of torture (not yet sanctioned by the UN), which is designed to make us whine, and fall into a deep funk of self-pity….so that we will eventually drink ourselves into a stupor and fall asleep at our post.

We can’t afford the self-indulgence of pity any longer. Too many flubbed grounders.

For you see, the Enemy Party sees itself as the Victim Party. It is their one great weakness. Someone wrote here only yesterday that the Democrats are at crossroads…Lead or remain Victims? They can’t do both. But in truth, they cannot give up that self identity. (I’ve argued for years that this is the mother seed of all Leftism, and why Leftism can never succeed. More on this later this weekend, as their latest victimhood campaign is gearing up. I think we…and the GOP…should fight it.)

But this is not to say they cannot win a fight, or win even win a war, and hold the territory gained for 2-3 generations. But first they must reduce their enemy to something they can defeat.

So, when the Pity Party meets the Victim Party, the Victims win. Every time.