Back to Work, 220-26 and Fight

March 21, 2010, a day that will live forever in infamy.

OK, got that off my chest, now back to work…only with a few more pounds in our back pack. Like a roller coaster we’ve been up and down with this health care business for some months now. We thought it was over when Congress came home to vocal buzz saws in the summer recess. We thought it was over when he we helped Scott Brown win in January. Nope.

We did everything we could to defeat this bill, and while it may still be defeated we won’t be a part of the next several steps in that long march from the House to actually becoming a law. The Senate may yet have a say, although I doubt it, but Senate Democrats may yet add their own seal of unconstitutionality on this bill if they try to bully their own made-up rules past the parliamentarian. And the Courts may have a lot to say, on a number of counts. And the states themselves may unilaterally have a lot to say as to whether federalism is indeed dead.

(Personally I’m glad it’s over because I was beginning to lose control over the constant lying. One more boot through one more TV and and I’m broke.)

While we worked hard to defeat this bill, we now have to work just as hard to now call down a thunderous reckoning on the heads of everyone who voted for this outrage, especially the 100 or so “craven dogs” who literally sold their souls. That’s the extra weight in our pack… Retribution….for only through retribution can the congressional members know there can be no going back. (In that vein, St George Frederick will be adding a whole new Gallery at GreatAmericanZeroes.com, starting with the Craven Dogs, especially Bart Stupak (CD-Michigan), who will also receive the prestigious General Trochu oak leaf cluster in recognition of his above and beyond the call service to moral cowardice. In due course, we’ll be adding the Mad Dogs, Pelosi (MD-Calif), Frank (MD-Mass), et al, and the House Dogs, (Clymer HD-SC) Hastings (HD/MD-Fla) and Conyers (HD/MD-Mich). If you’d like to provide a line or two about your favorite and where we might find the most unflattering photo available, just contact StG at [email protected])

So, with this added weight on our backs, we return to the things we’ve been talking about for the longest time. RedState has proved very adept at keeping up the political heat, but from here on out through 2010 the politics branches off into several directions, all of which have to dealt with simultaneously. Our cup runneth over.

1) We have to consider the moves that will begin right away to cement the health care plan administratively and bureaucratically, via the war lords (I like that better than czars), and outside the “watchful eye” of the mads dog media. This will begin this week, and not necessarily emanating from a single source, or even a single location (Washington.) Be vigilant.

2) We must also consider the next barrage of legislation that will inundate us…cap and trade, immigration, card check…and which will serve, in part, as a diversion for the quieter, more permanent actions laid out in 1) above.

Never forget, this quickening is in part designed to render any voter revolt in November to be meaningless, and with the sudden breaking up of Ma Bell ACORN, they will be back in force by September, under a hundred disguises, and at least 12,000 of them wearing IRS badges.

Never forget the ultimate purpose of this bunch is to “end politics” as we know them. To end meaningful debate and meaningful voter participation. Not wanting to reveal their armbands just yet (don’t you just love Tarentino?) they’ll be content for many years to let Mitch or Lindsay form a shadow minority. Just know, de facto one-party rule is the aim here.

We are racing against time.

Finally 3) We must consider the coming primaries, and how we can insinuate our ideals into every candidate’s portfolio. With 178 Republicans (of all stripes) in the House, and who have proved able to stick together on key issues, taking 42 of the approximate 100 craven dogs seats is certainly doable. With the right campaigns…common theme, headed by “repeal”, then “you’re fired”…I see no reason why we shouldn’t be able to take all 100.

The far tougher job is to take back the Senate with 51 seats, and among them a solid majority of genuine conservatives, so that they, and not the “let’s all get along with our dear friends” cadre of “reach around” (not really “reach across”…anyone who remembers R Lee Ermy will recall this picturesque but apt phrase) Republicans of the McConnell/McCain mode, will actually set Team GOP strategy and will set a different tone in the chambers and in front of the public. While you would think that maybe, just maybe, the Senate GOP will have finally gotten it…a) we can’t afford to wait and b) I really doubt it, anyway. They say once you get the aroma of another man’s shoe polish up your nose, you can never really shake it. “Once you go Shinola, you never go back.”

So we need 26 dedicated conservatives (I’m happy with the Mt Vernon Statement for starter qualifications) of those 51. Interestingly, we should have that kind of conservative power already, with the 41 seats the GOP already holds…18 Republicans with ACU (American Conservative Union) ratings over 90, and another 8 with ratings 85-89. So how did the GOP leadership get selected out of the mid-range 80s rather than the higher octanes? More specifically, Why? I suspect Senate Shinola Law correlates to seniority, and has everything to do with it.

That has to be fixed, preferably now, rather than with he seating of a new Congress next year. Both at RedState and in our circle, we have been calling for this for several months now. EE has recommended 8 conservative’s in the coming primaries, but only 3 of them are for sitting Republican seats. GOP chances in some of the sitting and vacant Dem seats are also good. But if we elect these conservatives and then they have to go in and wait their turn to speak, it will all be for naught. People earlier wrote here about a conservative causus inside the senate, but with these kinds of numbers, let the moderates caucus. We should grab the gavel.

The point is this, with 51 or even 50 GOP members in the Senate, with a more vocal, more forceful presence, and absent that collegial reach around the aisle, we can almost guarantee at the end of the 2012 cycle a super majority, and one that will stick, and one that will govern with purpose. That vistory will have nothing to do with slick advertising but rather a few simple (conservative) ideals about human liberty, articulated clearly and persistently. It will be a message the American people have been a’hungrying for.

That said, just remember what we’ve been talking about for the longest time, specifically, politics is not the end-game. It is not the bottom line, for there are things that go much deeper and which must be dealt with simultaneously. We’ve always known that politics was only the first step. We have to keep our mind on “after the politics”, i.e., restoring our institutions and taking back the culture, both of which will occur much more quickly if we can win in the political arena, but not necessarily in that order.

One final note, not so much as to what is to be done, but what is to be committed,

Rush Limbaugh always speaks to the fact that our side of the political coin is trying to fight this fight while still enjoying the fruits of liberty. In part that is why we are in this pickle now, because the Left has a full time well-paid army (in part, thanks to your tax dollars at State U), generals, capos, and soldiers, while he sally out and do battle on weekends, or in between tee times or soccer matches.

I have a running beef with the deep pockets of conservatism for not beating the bushes (as Soros hired done) to find talent who come design and execute projects that would move the agenda forward.

That said, never forget that on a Sunday in 1941 an entire nation stopped, then caught its breath and laid down every plan, every hope for a future, jobs, careers, families…a quarter of a million for all eternity…and never once complained about the inconvenience.

While deep pocket conservatives are still writing books to one another and congratulating each other for being oh, so very smart to have figured these Bad Guys out, we still have to do more. On Sunday, 21 March 2010, the people of the United States had their Pearl Harbor.