Countdown, We aren't children, we can handle this, either way

They are, and they can’t.

I defer to the things written by TheSophist and eburke this week. The best writers in the land can’t add to what they said.

Even if the House carries the vote (which vote, I’m still not sure) the chances of it ever becoming law is still less than 50/50. And the chances of it ever being implemented in a majority of the several states is virtually nil. While we railed for days about the unconstitutionality of the Slaughter, the process is still constitutionally flawed now that Slaughter has been deemed to be shelved, and will be challenged forthwith. But even Fox News has lost light of the fact that the substance of the law, that of mandating free American citizens to buy a product…whether offered by an insurance company or the state…is a grievous interference with our liberty. That only stands at the top of as long list of substantive “usurprations” in this bill.

Moreover, finally, I think most of the GOP is beginning to get it. Even if they still may be unwilling to take the gloves off, I think they’re ready to exchange those dainty white cotton ones for some leather mitts.

All that is important to me is that we take names, especially of those I referred to as “craven dogs”, the 100 or so who have simply taken the line of least resistance…or so they thought. Their punishment begins tomorrow, and it is our job to see it done….from being shunned by their GOP colleagues in Washington, to having to sneak in the back door of their district offices back home. I’m making my Christmas card list as we speak.