24 Hours and Counting, Craven Dogs, House Dogs and Mad Dogs

I hear there’s 30 thousand-plus marching (expect more). But go to Google to see which “Washington mar4ch” is being covered today and this weekend. The Enemy says they are confident, the media says they are confident, but Obama yesterday had to pitch his case to a bunch of college kids, none of whom every had job or paid a nickel in taxes, so who, were of course, enthusiastic. He still can’t summon the courage to bring his case in front of working folks.

That kind of confident.

(1600 hrs, my wife calls to say Obama was publicly taunting Republicans on TV. What’s that all about? Besides poor manners, which i can’t abide, it signals a win? A win that will turn into a loss? Or the insecure false bravado of a 12 year old?  I’m betting on the last option.)

The Democrat side of the House can be divided into three camps; the true believing leftists (mad dogs), the house dogs who represent the national plantation, i.e, districts in which the only people with jobs are those who pass out state benefits to the other 70% without, plus the small cadre of people who pump their gas, flip their burgers, and sell them lottery tickets. All those jobs except the most menial is patronage. These two camps may make up, what, 150 of the House majority of 255? And while Steny Hoyer apologized for referring to us as “un-American” for protesting this un-constitutional outrage, we can feel confident and unapologetic that both of these groups are either un-American or anti-America, but also that none can be voted out of office. They are rock solid statists, in rock solid “client” districts” albeit for somewhat different reasons, and locked into their districts unless we want to bring back “section” into defining districts. (First things first.)

The rest are craven dogs. And today they are afraid, very afraid. For one, they fear a teat being jerked out of their mouth, “the sweet gig” of gypsies, tramps and thieves. And they also understand the pain of a swift quick in the hindquarters. But their most existential fear is that should they vote against health care they may be able to actually hold onto their seats, and the Dems their control of the House, in which case, probably Lady Nan would be around to continue to make their lives miserable. (Never forget Steny wants that chair very badly, but not enough to give up party control.)

So, our job (both citizens and the GOP in Congress) is to single these out and rank them, from 1 to 100, and make them fear us more. Make a swan dive off the Bay Bridge seem more appetizing than the alternative of facing us or Lady Nan down. With only 24 hours left, it still shouldn’t be that difficult, but now we need help from the GOP. A silver bullet.

What we can do: Keep it up. Just deny them the sanctuary of the CBO numbers being touted by Hoyer. Make them know we know the truth about those numbers. Deny them the sanctuary of legitimacy. What they are doing is unconstitutional, even if the Slaughter rule has been canned, as now being reported. If Dick Cheney can’t travel to Spain for fear of being arrested, let Tom Perriello (VA-05) know the Texas Rangers may soon be waiting to serve an arrest warrant on him for violating Texans’ rights should he ever decide to cross the state line for a Cowboys game. Deny them the sanctuary of morality. Deny them the company of decent people. Make them only keep the company of their own. Deny them the sanctuary of security. Let them know we are coming after their assets. And deny them the sanctuary of history.

They can’t run, they can’t hide. They are not even a part of history. They are history. Let the Congressional history books only note their terms with an asterisk.

The Republican Silver Bullet, which I recommend being sent via phone and fax now (we’ll save our own fatwa notices for later): Once the vote is cast, win or lose, the Republican Party…I’m speaking directly to Rep Boehner and Cantor here…should cast the mark of anathema on all of them…the Craven 100, I mean. (Let other sleeping dogs lie…til later.) Let them know this in advance. Let them know this is how it is and how it will be. This is not like being grounded for two weeks, a month, but for ever. Don’t speak to them, or shake hands, and in session, refer to them in the third person only, and through a third person. No more squash or handball, not even tickle fests in the sauna. Gaze on them only with the dead eyes as one looks at the condemned being marched down to meet his Maker. Cast a pall on their hearts and a pointed stick through their souls.

For you see, while the Mad Dog true believers and House dogs overseers believe in something, these Craven Dogs believe in nothing bigger then their own appetites. They hate their home town. Like Hollywood starlets in the 30’s, they ran for public office in order to be able to shake the dust of that grimy old burg from their shoes. They were never coming home again. So Just let them know…now they can’t…while at the same time working with men like Sen Coburn, denying them the safe haven of a new gig in LA or Seattle or New York. If they want to swap “all this and hometown, too” for a GS-12 desk job in Kuala Lumpur, well, we can’t reach that far to snip Mr Soros’ tentacles. But this side of the South China Sea, we can prevent their future.

And then, if they win this vote anyway, make them gag on it when they are reversed (in one of a number of ways) so that they will know they have lied, cheated and stole for naught.

It is best for them, and the Republic, if they know this now, Mr Boehner, in these last 24 hours, rather than next week after the last bridge has been burned.

Let them know there is still time to still walk among free people.