48 Hours and Counting, Sharpening the Blades

As they say in north Georgia, “Yi-Had!”  Strap ’em on, boys! Listen

“They were 50 to our 10, they were easily outnumbered by a smaller force of men.” (Mike Batt)

I’m getting a sense of “We fought the good fight.” Well to be honest, we fight the good fight, (present tense) and that’s that. Obama cancelled his vacation. We didn’t ask him to stay. We caused him to stay. And he now has three screeching women nipping at his heels, with 50 grand’s worth of Louis Vuitton beach bags turning to mildew in the closet. That’s a little win.

I’m getting a sense that many think it will be over on Sunday. I doubt it. If they can’t get the votes…and that is the mission before us now, the only mission before us for the next 48 hours….denying the Dems those votes…they just kick the can down the road until they think they can. Postpone is also a win for us.

Based on what Dan Perrin writes, I get a sense that the Dem headshed is out of tune with their own members. While they only look at the “Slaughter deem” as a clever parliamentary maneuver, saner minds inside the Party just sit and stare and cannot believe they have to make a (political) life and death choice, not to mention finding their photo in every Rogue’s Gallery from now til the ending of time, in order to ratify into “law” a bill that still has less than a 50-50 chance of ever becoming law. Not only will they have to leave their districts, they’ll have to move into the witness protection program, just to make this happen. Future Congresses will have to pass special civil rights legislation just so they can get served at the lunch counter. Ben Nelson can’t already.

The oldest rule around, “When in doubt…if regret is in anyway a part of the equation…don’t” Just ask 95% of all the women who have ever had an abortion. Regret dogs you til the day you die, for the one person you can never run away from is yourself. This is that kind of vote for those members. I’m not sure they can be bought off on this one. Nor am I sure they can tell Lady Nan beforehand, which will make for a bunch of puckered tooshes come tally time. She may call the vote on Sunday never knowing that she actually has the votes. Great theater. Great drama. And possibly a lot of prayers answered.

If they do get the votes, we just move the line back a little, maybe a right wheel, and reload. So strap ’em on tight. But speculations as to what we will do then…well, everyone already knows. It will be longest walk in American history for all 216 of those votes, trying to move that bill from the House, by-pass the Senate, onto the president’s desk and into law, and thence, onto the states and individual citizens. That ball has already begun to roll. Our chances are good. Just two words of caution: McCain-Feingold. Never assume.

But this is not the time to speak of those things. The task before us now, for 48 hours, is to prevent all that future from happening at all. Fax, phone, call, email, cajole, stomp your feet…and yes threaten…but be legal.

Just do not let them hide behind those false CBO numbers, no matter how cynical the media uses them to tout this plan now. The Speaker lied, the real CBO numbers on the actual plan relaesed yesterday are not even out. And the media will provide no cover once the vote is done.

And do not let them believe this “process of deeming” is ordinary or constitutional. It is un-constitutional. It is criminal. It is un-American. (It is French.) Most of all, it is fatal, and there is no pit in American hell deeper…and since we will win…this week, this year, 2012…it doesn’t matter, we have the absolute power to damn those 216 votes to the deepest hole.

Laisser les bons temps rouller! For God and St George (thanks, Nessa).

Now sit back and enjoy a song of Liberty.