Making Congress afraid again...These Things They Fear (Part 1)

(SCAM UPDATE: 10 PM 15 March:

re the title: I began drafting a longer piece five days ago. I’ve amended it four times, and will do so again in a few minutes, and hope to post later today, as Part II.

I’ve been watching CNN and FOX News, plus national radio today, and it’s clear to me the media hasn’t any earthly idea what the House vote this week will be about. The White House and the House leadership has played a very good hand of sleight of hand, i.e., an “up and down” vote which has been used to mean reconciliation of the Senate Bill after the House passes it, but also can mean the “Slaughter Rule” vote in the House, should it move forward. No one is really sure what must come first under the law, or, considering the overall illegality of the bill anyway, whether “the law” will even matter. What matters is what WILL come to the floor of the House for a vote. So then, neither does counting heads matter, as none of the Ayes, Naes and Undecideds even know what they will be voting on yet.

What I do know is this confusion suits the White House and the Democrat leadership very well, as no one is sounding the unconstitutional (criminal) alarm on the “Slaughter Rule”. It’s all pretty much business as usual leading into what might be the most historic in American history. The House GOP is very quiet…maybe they have a plan…a giant dramatic gesture should the “Slaughter Rule” be rolled out instead of the Senate bill. But I have this queasy feeling they don’t, and the People can’t assume they do, and should be making noise now, and making sure their representatives know now that if the Slaughter Rule comes to the floor for a vote, the game changes…forever. This is one vote we need to win in the anterooms, not the floor. I’ll talk about the threats later today.

We’ll see.