Obama, Lying in Wait? Or Dumb as a Box or Rocks? The Mystery deepens.

In the next 24-48 hours, a pile of observations about the health care summit will emerge here, and then, by Monday, be a faint memory, as Harry Reid will steal the headlines by trying to renege on his public promise today not to try reconciliation to get this monstrosity through.

The question I lay out in the title, well, it’s directed at you, too, but mostly I’m asking the Democrat leadership this question. After all, it was the Democrats who felt the hot poker being whacked across their backs (this being the family version of what people normally do with a hot poker) as Obama wilted under a hail of facts from Republican invitees. I thought I was watching Corbin Bernsen try to field hot grounders in “Major League”.

He clearly was not providing his party any cover, and while looking for cover from them, alas, with all the television cameras fixed on that messianic-What-Me-Worry aura, not even a sudden darkening of the sun could hide the fact that as Simon Magus Obama jumped out of that tower, saying he could fly (“Maudie, I think I can fly”–Maude Frickert’s brother Maynard), he fell like a rock to the ground. It was clear even to his biggest promoters he was a phony. Reid and Pelosi and the rest were left naked, and their blank stares showed it. (God, to be a fly on the wall as Nancy threw back that first shot of Jim Beam, in the Countess’s room before lunch.) Only Joe didn’t seem to get it.

Oh, and our side did well. And in drawing Obama out the way they did, I don’t think it was just blind luck. Someone in that group has Obama figured out. (I’m sure there’ll be plenty of comments about that here on RS, so I’ll pass. Good show all around.)

It was over by noon.

So now the Dems know how I’ve (we’ve) felt for months. Can anyone be this stupid? That grand a naif? Or is he lying in wait? Against who? Me or them?

When I was in the 5th grade, while reciting Bible verses (yes, public school!) I came across a new word, and pronounced it “inni-quity”. The judges chuckled, corrected me and I went on my way. That is ignorance, not stupidity. It is also ignorance, not stupidity for a town boy not to know how to properly chill a watermelon, or prepare a rabbit for the stewpot…unless you make the same mistake twice.  We’ve all had these little bumps in the road among our life experiences. I recall people poking fun at GHW Bush because he was unfamiliar with all the newfangled gadgetry at a grocery check out line. No life experiences at the cash register can be a real political bummer…if you’re a Republican.

But Obama has turned a lack of life experiences, or even a rudimentary knowledge of the things he’s supposed to “exec” into a veritable eccentricity. Even Einstein knew how to turn on the radio. During the campaign, he suggested as part of a private sector tax incentive to offer $3000-or-$4000 tax credits (I think that was the amount) if small business would hire new employees, costing them approximately $60,000, each, a year. This suggestion was so stupid our friends at GreatAmericanZeroes.com awarded Obama the prestigious Chauncy Gardiner Medal, which is the highest award a Milli Vanilli poseur can attain. Like the Congressional Medal of Honor, you don’t win this award. You earn it.

I don’t know anything that he knows anything about, that, say, the average 12 year old, would know, or the average 17 year old would, the average college sophomore…and so on. Did he ever watch TV? Play baseball? Watch football? He can’t bowl, which consists of rolling a round ball straight for 60 feet. Do that ten times and you will get an 70-80. Obama bowled 37. He likes golf and basketball, but clearly took those up last week. Can he name the member of a band? Any band? John, Paul, George and ??? Diana Ross and the ??? Fill in the blanks. How about opening lines? Who put the bop in the bop she-bop? Who’s The Who? What melts in your mouth and not in your hand?

Other than some really mean man coming along and holding him up like LBJ used to his beagle pups, I can’t think of a single life experience that can be found in his smile, his countenance, or his talk. For someone who talks about nothing other than himself, he says absolutely nothing about himself.

The mystery deepens. Chauncey Gardiner or Raymond Shaw?