Nullify, Repeal, Indict, on Reconciliation

The “fact of reconciliation” to ram through Obamacare is still just a loud murmur. No one’s sure the rules will allow it (when did that ever stop a Dem?) or that the votes are there. All sorts of speculations.

But we need to be mindful of what might happen, even while praying that it does not.

Even before he was sworn in, from body language alone, we felt the Obamailis intended to move forward irrespective of public sentiment on its leftist agenda. They seemed to be unafraid of public backlash. In Nov-Dec, 2008, the strongest basis for that fear was the ACORN factor, or namely, the seeming fearlessness from Dems that they could win just about any district or state they needed in a pinch. After all, the eventual objective in this game isn’t just statism, but one-party control. We felt then that the Obama-Congress alliance was iffy at best, and that OB-1 had plans that were extra-congressional, that he would try to push Congress aside once certain powers had been been cemented into the executive.

2009 started out by proving the actual pudding in the Obama plans, i.e., massive legislative changes laid before Congress, alongside a rising shadow-government in the White House (the Czars) capable of stepping in and exercising legislative-like powers on short notice. We believe there was more calculation than incompetence in passing the task of drafting a health care bill over to Congress, since they would be the objects of popular rage. This has proven largely correct. This not only kept White House key players, but many House and Senate key players out of media sight.

Then a few unexpected things happened. ACORN was outed (a process which is still developing). Glenn Beck was another unplanned-for pregnancy they’ve yet to get an appointment for at the clinic. But most of all there was the massive popular rising of the people, the tea parties, 9/12, and dozens of other patriot organizations around the country. By the summer the heat and anger were palpable, and Congress, at least, was in disarray.

As the health care “debate” spiraled out of control, we decided to stand back and watch. We predicted a “revenge” of the technocrats, and EPA Director Lisa Jackson may have tipped their cards prematurely when she stated that EPA would execute many of the key provisions of Cap and Trade if Congress failed to do so. This set into motion still other unplanned movements, which, while seemingly unconnected to the Obama/Leftist health care ambitions, may now be its undoing.

Only a week ago, in light of what seemed like a sure end to the health care plan this, especially with expected Democrat losses in November, rather than feel good, I looked back at the executive side, and the techno-czars, and penned a few notes entitled, “Obama, Hunkered down? In retreat? Or Just lying in wait?” (Sorry, I’m a bit of a pessimist in these matters. Seen too many hearts broken in the Soviet days.) I let that sit and simmer.

Then, during CPAC, RedState, along with others, announced that Obama and Congress are now resuscitating “reconciliation”, and a rather heavy-handed, arguably illegal gambit of bringing in the Veep to strike down GOP points of order (which means DeMint’s been “planned for”). In the words of Limbaugh and others, this is a suicide pact. Kamikaze.

Divine wind, my sister’s black cat’s carbuncle…there is another shoe, and we all need to put our heads together to decide what it might be…and determine what the next best course will be for us between now and the election.

I am leaning more and more toward the notion, because of all those other unplanned events(Beck, the Tea Parties) that the Statist D-Day has been pushed up from 2012 to this year, before election day. If Obama (and not necessarily the Congress) considers the people’s wrath irrelevant, he must have “his plans” sewed up before November.

I can only speculate, except to note that he feels he has extraordinary legislative powers within the Executive Branch, notwithstanding the weak spines in Congress.

Enter Ken Cuccinelli, newly elected attorney general for Virginia, who is launching a legal challenge to EPA’s rule-making power in Virginia, based on the recent demise of scientific credibility inside the climate change school of academic excellence. He’s basically saying that before they can impose regulations, they have to prove their premises since the premises they’ve already cited have been debunked…by the perpetrators themselves. (Some federal judges are willing to listen to arguments like that, I’m told.)

Other states have been lining up already to challenge congressional acts on health care that might impact unfavorably on their citizens and their pocketbooks. So “nullification” against Congress was already headed to the courts. But this Virginia case equally challenges Obama’s “other shoe”, his technocrats. This is the shoe I believe he intends to drop the moment a reconciled bill gets to his desk for signature. Once health care becomes laws, it doesn’t matter how long the states keep it in court. He can move apace with his own regulatory authority.

I say this now because Obama’s battleships are already lined up like the fleet at Trafalgar. With the stars in their eyes, as usual, the GOP won’t step in with a plan until summer, at least. But we have to at least have an outline on the table now…just in case.

This time it will be state attorneys generals, not Tea Partiers, who will lead the charge. I’m not sure how many it will require to stop the apparatchiks from institutionalizing Obamacare, but if they can, then we can finish the job in November.

Our bumper sticker: Nullify, Repeal, Indict.