Making Nice With GOP Moderates. What to do? What to Do?

This will probably be the first in a series of observations on this subject. Actually, we talk about it all the time here, but the time is nigh that we actually start separating the wheat from the chaff, and deciding what to do about it.

As you’ll be able to tell, below, I’ve got my minner bucker, my seine net, my waders, and my best flannel shirt on. I’m wearing my night fishing clothes today just so I can get in the mood for writing about a bunch of people who look at us as if we’d just crawled out from under a stump.

I just read EE’s 2009 post, One Way Street, that contained a list of GOP backstabber’s who’d lost to Conservatives in primaries, then sided with Democrat in order to hand the general to someone else. It seems Scozzafava wasn’t the first, or the only. EE begs the question, What to do? What to do? About them? About it?

The natural inclination, and we all have them, is to get even in a big way. Run ’em out of Dodge, many say, and trust me, there are dozens of ways that are just as legal as ACORN hiring a bus to bring protesters to congregate in your front yard in order to do that. (We won’t discuss that here…today.) Only one problem, is that really the right thing to do? You know, for people like us who carry both a Bible and the Constitution around in a canvas sack, and sit under a big oak, reading ’em, while trying to chew a apple with our one good tooth. It’s important we keep our jaws set straight.

What to do? What to do? About them?

The truth is, we do need to make a concerted effort to patch things up with true “moderate” GOP’ers if we are reclaim the Party and the brand. We need to stake out a common ground. And there is a process. But the trick is in divining who’s a true moderate, and what “moderate” even means anymore in a world where pro-choice more often as not means pro-murder. The Left may have high-jacked the dictionary, and we’ll take that back in due course, but in the meantime, we can’t give into less noble thoughts, and sacrifice our integrity on the altar of revenge. In other words, we can’t go around hanging innocent men just because their idea of moderate isn’t the same as ours. We’ve already been down this road with “liberal”.

Personally I’m beginning to think some of these so-called moderates are actually deep-cover Lefties, which makes our task even more difficult. After all, The GOP ain’t that hard to infiltrate, (they do it here on RedState, too, have you spotted any?) if you can get three, maybe four slogans down pat, remember not to say “m-f-ing” every time you say “Cheney” (moderate Republicans always use “g-d’ned” for Cheney, everybody knows that), and can tie a Windsor knot. If you can teach a Leftie to tie his shoes, black wing tips, color coordinate his ties and socks, and select better Egyptian cotton pin stripe shirts, you can teach him to walk and talk just like Linc Chafee. Then no one, at least inside the Republican establishment, will ever be the wiser.

I have some ideas as to how to run these people through a filter, actually a seine net, only Lefties don’t know what that is. Our own sense of fairness requires we do this because we need to make common cause with genuine GOP moderates, while at the same identifying just who the hog-suckers are, so we can throw them out. As with the John Wayne rule about always throwing the second punch, my own beliefs require that I hang no man without first having a fair trial, which, in politics, can require only a minute or so. The first step in that trial is extending the right hand in friendship, the second, a quick statement of faith, sort of like the Apostle’s Creed, “I believe in the Constitution of the United States. Do you?” Of course, even old Clewfoot himself would answer “yes” to that. So, then, “Why do we disagree, then?”

Then, let him hang himself. By the way, this is how Bernie starts many of his disputations, from what he calls a “cold start”. It’s like walking up to a total stranger, being introduced, and the first words out of his mouth is “Hello, I’m in the Lord, are you?” Now some of you would break into the biggest smile, and say, “Why, honey, bless your soul. Of course I am.” (Lefties can’t fake that yet, as the smile has to be instantaneous. That momentary pause while trying to remember their lines gives them away every time.) But a lot of people would turn heel and quickly about-face, “a 360” to Maxine Waters, and take off in a southerly direction. The far larger number of you (us) regardless of your religious temperament, would think “What impertinence!”, politely smile, then say, “If you’ll excuse, I just saw a woman drop a dime over there.”…especially now that gay men are beginning to introduce themselves in this same way. I can still hold my ground, and a firm hand grip, and smile, but do worry that soon i will meet a “Hello, I’m Brenda, but I used to be Bill.” We all have our limits.

But in politics, especially if the introduction is in a political context (only Rush Limbaugh goes to CPAC to talk about golf), these things need to be revealed and early on. It’s not that hard to get a moderate to open as to just what moderate means to him…or what’s wrong with the Party, which, by and large, is us.

So just how do we get off on the right foot with “moderates”, knowing first off, their differences with us as much, if not more, are cultural and class-based than political?

Much like the Left, they are defined by what they hate, and what they hate (and you can take this line down a hundred different tracks) is the idea that their party may someday be run by a bunch of “red throats”, retired factory workers and millionaires who dress like Rodney Dangerfield. Reagan invited you in, and we like your vote, and all, but please, just go over and stand in that corner and be quiet. And for godsakes, try a little Right Guard there, fella. Nice suspenders. Those Vasque boots? Red Wing? Never heard of them.

Of course, nothing about this is true. Oh, they think it, all right. And they say it, too. Just register to any GOP website, never say a thing, and just read. You’ll see. They’ll be talking about us the same way we talk about them.

And where’s the profit in that? Well, there’s plenty of profit to the enemy, that’s what.

It would be useful to understand what they fear, other than the obvious, e.g., getting their hands dirty if they shake hands. They hate (fear) the Tea Parties mightily, as much as the Left…which presents a dilemma to us here, for they actually think the Tea Parties want a corner office. The point is, no one in the Tea Party Movement that I know actually believes they are going to move right in and take over the day-to-day operations of the Party, even at the local or regional level, or in a campaign. That greeter down at Walmart is not suddenly going to expect a desk and a door sign. We spend a lot of time here separating the educated stupid (Leftie college kids) and the uneducated stupid (birfers and trufers) from people with good common sense, and these know it requires specialized skills, up and down the line, to accomplish anything as big as a political party or campaign. I never forget the story of T E Lawrence, when he took the Hashemite Arabs into Damascus in WWI ahead of the Brits and Lord Allenby, declaring the city to theirs instead of the Allies’. So, then, when the city’s infrastructure began going south; water, electricity, hospitals, Allenby told Lawrence it was his city, so he’d have to fix it. He hadn’t a clue. Even Patton kept old Nazis on the payroll in post-war Germany if they knew how to make the trains run on time. The Tea Parties have nothing to do with inside mechanics of running an office. They are about ideas that are over 225 years old, and well proved.

But enough about them. Just look at the talent here at RedState; lawyers, skilled journalists, political managers, military, science, technology, IT, and modern skills in management, government…you name it, it’s here. And the GOP moderates know all this. They know “we” are their intellectual equals (though not class-equals in many cases), and believe we’re in it for the same prize as they are, only working the other side of the street.

What this proves is 1) at one level this battle is about class, and they (and we as a reaction, as a dog who has been repeatedly kicked) believe they have it, and we don’t; so 2) the way they rationalize all this talent that disproves their class theory, and which will be on full display at CPAC this week, is that we are just like them, i.e., in it for the power and political perqs. Finally, and this is the big rub, 3) they cannot fathom anyone placing principle above class, power and turf considerations, although Thomas Jefferson violated all three of those sacred icons of politics with one stroke of the pen. This proves it is they, not us, who come short in the political equation.

As they see it, we are competing with them in a struggle that is purely political and territorial. We threaten their turf. In the final analysis, for them the scraps from a table full of ruling Democrats (filet mignon) is still better than the swill we’re offering up in our hog trough. We’ve all seen this. In Kenya, Kikuyu small businessmen in Nairobi live for the day that they might be noticed, tapped out, by some rich Englishmen, who will invite them to do business, thereby changing their lives. To them, luck is the only door, and after twenty years, try as we might, we could never convince them otherwise…without first giving them money. This is a worldview to many, so get used to it. What we have to consider, is what to do? What to do…with them in that state? What do they understand above all other things?

What we need to understand is first, that all kinds of self-proclaimed moderates live under the same umbrella. We are seeing all sorts of litmus tests being proposed for being a true conservative, or true constitutionalist (to a moderate these are not even close to being the same thing). I could make a list of ten things and never mention smaller government or lower taxes even as a footnote, so i know we all come at “conservatism” from a different point of view. Moses Sands tried to define it as a blueprint applying mostly to the common man, and a duty to us, “the protectors” as he tries to build his own little House with that blueprint. Simple enough.

In my view, we first cast our net then throw out the hog-suckers. Conservatism simply cannot co-exist with socialism, fascism, progressivism, modern liberalism, whatever you want to call it. And to be perfectly honest, while we have our elites (a good thing, in my view, I have already spotted several here at RedState), it cannot co-exist with elitism, and the condescension and disdain it has (and shows) for people it considers beneath them, for the Constitution is clear; it was written for the common man and woman, the C-student, the fellow down at the bottom of the hill about to begin his climb up. It was not written for those at the top, intellectually, economically, or that QuickPIck winner last week on the Power Ball…especially if they have forgotten that their House, too, began down at the bottom of that hill…as most Leftists and Libertarians seem to have forgotten. The elites the Constitution had in mind were those who stand at the top of the hill and offer, as a perpetual duty, that handshake back down the hill to those at the bottom. Moderate, old school, country club Republicans are not those elites. As Pogo said, They is us.

So, when we sit down with moderates who now run the GOP, the first thing we do is lay our guns…yes, our guns, not our cards…on the table. It’s true, I’ve been to meetings, in America, that began with introductions, then everyone reaching inside his coat and pulling out his revolver and laying it on the table. The .38 revolver was standard apparel in the coal fields during the strip mine wars of the 1960s.

Since EE first wrote that piece back in ’09, one major thing has happened. Our gun went from a .32 snub nose to a .357 magnum. Simple reason, Massachusetts.

Now, without getting into a “who’s bigger” contest about who actually carried Scott Brown to victory there, what four weeks ago?, everyone knows that RedState and a host of bedrock internet conservative groups, including Tea Parties from around the country, made Scott Brown a national name and that contest a national contest long before the national media was forced to glom onto him. I wrote then that everyone would take the credit, or point the blame at that Coakley woman, never once mentioning the conservatives that actually turned the tables.

Of course, it was the people of Massachusetts (Massachites?) who delivered a victory to Scott Brown. And Scott Brown is a pro-choice MODERATE who picked up on several universal and conservative themes (the war on terror, Obamacare, the People’s Seat) that brought a lot conservatives to the polls for the first time in years, and a lot of moderate people who simply liked the enthusiasm generated by, guess who?…us.

So, our gun is now bigger at the table when we sit down with GOP moderates, because, 1) we have proved we can deliver, and 2) we have shown that we are not so one-issue, red-throat as to turn our back on a genuine honest moderate, unlike those backstabbers EE listed in 2009.

Our bona fides are our deeds, not just our words. And the squareness of our jaw is proved by EE’s sudden, and correct, tossing of JD Hayworth around midnight last night. Hayworth’s getting out of bed this morning, noticing that his right leg’s been chewed off, and will be calling damage control, oh, about now. (7AM, EST)

This too proves what we (you) can do, when you sent you whole minds and hearts to it.

So, what to do about moderates? Well, with that kind of power projected around the table, a big, big, gun, and that look in the eye that everyone knows you’ll use it, you start finding out just what kind of moderate they are; honest, genuine, or whether they carry any left-wing ideology or elitism. (Pro choice is not a left wing tenet, pro-abortion…Sangerism…is. I’ll try to get to that next week when I get back.)

Once done, then let them know we can help them, in a big way, or call down thunder on their heads. Their call. This is a politics the elites of the Republican Party understand very well. With that understood, as for the backstabbers of ’09 and those still to come, I’m for taking names and let the cards (sic) fall where they may.

(I have to run, and apologize in advance that I can’t answer any comments this week, but will try to catch up on Monday. I have to go see a man about a library. St George will be manning the station. Cheers.)