Does the media have the Huntsville scientist shooter-babe story backwards?

On purpose?

The lead theory as to why Dr Amy Bishop went nutso and gunned down three of her colleagues in Huntsville last week was because she had been denied tenure.

But consider the opposite, that she was denied tenure because everyone knew she was nutso.

When seen in this light, if only hypothetically, one can see that yet another class of person in our society, the female scientist-chick, can be institutionally fast-tracked to mass murder by political correctness and academic indifference, not unlike our buddy, Maj Nidal Hassan at Ft Hood.

By saying she turned Looney Tunes because she had been treated honestly and fairly by her colleagued and superiors in the science community holds that community harmless as she traveled life’s highway from Harvard to Huntsville.

But by suggesting they always knew (feared) she had a few screws loose brings a whole host of people and institutions into play as enablers along that highway….just like Nidal…only the Army is a much more convenient fall guy in the media than academe.

As this case unfolds I just find it hard to believe that a lot of people…and I mean a lot…from  co-scientists to clerical staff didn’t hear her mutter under her breath, scratch her fingernails across a blackboards and send off all kinds of other signals that a hinge was coming loose. And I am quite sure they talked it up among themselves.

But if no one is looking in all the right places, how will we ever know?