Has ACORN Infiltrated TSA, or did they come in the Front Door?

In Mr Bushmill’s absence, I couldn’t resist passing this along.

It seems TSA is threatening Richmond airport with sanctions if they do not give a convicted felon a security clearance.

See the story here.

The story is still unfolding as local Congressman Eric Cantor has asked for clarification, speraking with WRVA-AM morning host, Jimmy Barrett. Mysteriously, there is no mention of the story on WRVA’s News front page, or on Doc Thompson’s (the after noon talk show host) who had a full rant yesterday about it.

We can understand a little TSA strong arming in order to cover up a bureaucratic malfunction, but only if the unnamed felon sneaked in under the wire. If he came in the front door with felony record fully exposed I think TSA has some answering to do.

St George