The Magic of Obama's Judas Kiss

keeps on giving.

Yesterday, President Obama called John Calipari, coach of the Kentucky Wildcats, and America’s last unbeaten team, to congratulate them on being America’s No I ranked basketball team.

They lost.

The week before he called Texas Longhorn coach Rick Barnes, same result. The buzz is that Kansas Jayhawk coach Bill Self has had the entire athletic department’s phone system unlisted.

A distraught woman from New Orleans called Mark Steyn on the Rush Limbaugh yesterday publicly pleading with Obama not to call, visit, send a letter, or even publicly mention his preference (which is reported to be the Saints) in the coming Super Bowl…

…but if he happened to making a speech near Indianapolis, she would appreciate him dropping in for a social call.

No word yet as to whether Vegas oddsmakers now include an “Obama-factor” in handicapping athletic events, but I’m told that odds on a Martha Coakley victory tumbled from 14 to 1 to 8 to 5 after Obama made his visit to Massachusetts just before the Jan 19 election…this from our friend ‘Ank, of the London Betting Syndicate, where betting on political flops is more of a sport than in the US.