Blaming Bush in the Mirror

I’m getting a little confused, and if I were a Democrat insider, a little concerned, about this continuing theme of “Blame Bush.”

Since the Scott Brown-Massachusetts ooops last week, Administration spokesmen and OB1 Hisself have tried to shift the blame to Bush over half a dozen times.

But if this is a tactic, just who are they talking to? Who are they trying to convince?

Well, let’s see. There are the moderate-independents. No, not them. They’ve already heard that tune for the past year, and in Massachusetts were clear in saying they aren’t buying it. If Obama wants them back, he has to separate himself from that tune as far as he can.

So then, there’s the “liberal” base. Only why? They blamed last night’s bout of diarrhea on Bush. They’ve blamed the Middle Ages on Bush. Why, after the Obamailis just took a butt thumping in Massachusetts would they feel compelled to go out and try to brace up the true-believers?…unless of course they feel they are on the cusp of losing them. I doubt it.

The only other reason for continuing with the Bush barrage is that, short of booze or a snort of coke, it is the only source of stiff-upper-lip courage they can find.

If indeed this is nothing more than a look in the mirror, with the teleprompter as the middle man, just to convince himself he’s right, then we are indeed in for trouble. If our enemies, and even some of our friends, realize we under the dominion of self-delusional children and little more, I can hear them chopping the kindling already. The fire won’t be far behind.