Time for Payback on Obamacare

Lest we forget, a lot of innocent people were left out in the cold when their purported elected leaders in the private sector sold them out in favor of personal gain (I assume) and their support of Obamacare.

I’m thinking of the unions, of course, but when in recent memory has their leadership not sold them out? But how about AARP? The AMA? Big Pharma?

Now that Obamacare is almost dead, so also are the deals Reid, Pelosi and the administration promised them…unless of course, they were smart enough to be paid up front.

There are others, but each of these, in their own way, are especially egregious. The recognized representatives for seniors paving the way for a general, across the board diminution of services for oldsters, and de facto death panels. Wow! The recognized representatives of the medical profession agreeing to a permanent government middle man standing between patient and doctor (and no, don’t say the insurance companies once held onto that spot…they stood off to the side). Wow! And senior executives or boards of directors (I’m not sure which) making a Faustian bargain with government where they knew, perhaps as few as half of them would still be in business in 15-20 years, and just like the GM takeover, their shareholders would be given the shortest schrift, before a full government takeover would be a fait accompli.

If RedState and other activist conservative sites, and the tea party “independents” can swing a state like Massachusetts over to a Republican, they should be able to insure that in each of these cases those executives should be soon be leaving their office buildings, valise and walking papers in one hand, their heads in the other.