If it is Afganny, Stan, then how come it's Pakki, Stahn?

Didn’t Eric Idle do a poem on that? A song would do.

Lady Penguin raises a good point about Obama which justifies some give and take here. I’m just opening up the thread:

Empty suit (Chauncey Gardiner)? The title question seems to infer he might be. GreatAmericanZeroes.com awarded Obama the prestigious Chauncey Gardiner medal in Oct 2008, which quoted a short piece by me about candidate Obama’s tax credit promise to small business.

It wasn’t a lie, it was vacantly stupid, thus certifying the correcteness of LadyP:

“I also see a blunting and blankness in him, and wonder at neurological changes that may have occurred due to his cocaine use. Frequently he seems to be with gaps in his articulation that is not all related to making sure he says just the right thing.”

But that’s just one theory, and depending on the level of blankness, not altogether inconsistent with a deep Marxist ideologue. You can be a genius, an ideologue and very, very stupid at the same time, which is why so many Chance the gardeners escape their seine nets…over there.

The question, is he a well-paid shill, all dressed up and purty, or a full member of the board of directors? And is the enterprise socialism, Sweden-style, get even hard-ball socialism, with severe butt kicking still to come? Or all they all just bandits and thieves, which the fascists turned out to be?

These speculations matter, so have at it.