Spite and malice, the Revenge of the Techno-crats

A good glass of wine, a toast to the sweet taste of victory, a short prayer of thanks, six hours of uninterrupted sleep and back to work. Party over.

As much as I could stand, listening to both Dem and GOP talking heads, the consensus is that Obama should move back toward the center. He won’t. He can’t…if for no other reason, because Bill Clinton did.

The consensus was also that the Democrat leadership in both Houses should move to either table Health Care or make it more appealing to the American people. They probably can’t do that either. At least I’d be surprised if they did, in part because now there are 535 mini-House of Representatives and 100 mini-Senates in Congress. This means that the center-left GOP members, such as the Maine Blueberries, are back in play on a watered-down-even-more bill in the Senate while the House may be nearing anarchy. Watch closely for signs these next seven day, because any kind of feint or sleight of hand can happen.

Because of the State of the Union speech in seven days, look for a flurry of near-death experiences trying to cobble something together by then, although with a changed dynamic…namely more furious prodding by the White House, and more subtle “so what?” by Congress.

Expect the GOP to try to oust Kirk immediately, as promised and as law seems to require…or will they? Reid promised to make nice, so maybe Mitch will fall in line once again, thereby allowing Kirk to continue sitting, possibly ignoring another Kirk vote on something that shouldn’t be. Kirk should be packing his bags this AM. The day that Scott Brown is sworn in matters less than the moment Paul Kirk catches the train back to Boston.

Look for, but don’t necessarily expect it to be public, as this is speculation, a widening of the fissure between Pelosi, Reid and Obama. They were never on the same page exactly. Their “teams” have all gone maverick on them, except in the White House. In Congress, it will probably be nest-tending time. Pelosi, to no fault of her own (for once) actually has one foot on a banana peel again, for that Coakley woman has laid on her shoulders an almost impossible task. (I wish I could count how many times “Marcia” Coakley has been g-d’d by members of her own party this past week.)

We’ll never know until the book comes out (preferably Fall, 2013) as to what Barack Obama is feeling right now, but I think the voters of Massachusetts, and his own incompetent party, has smacked his face hard. It stings still. It is a feeling he is not accustomed to. I would not be a bit surprised to see a photo of him, curled in a corner, prenatal, sucking his thumb. Neither would I be surprised to see him stroll before the next photo op in a spiffy new Mao suit, or maybe even the ninja suit he has squirreled away in the closet. With this kind of trauma, you never know. Either way, he is not one bit happy and has to find someone to take it out on. A pack of Marlboro’s won’t do it.

Our guess? With Congress in doubt, and less reliable, if not totally un-reliable, he will likely turn inward to his team. His team, not one of them elected, not one answerable to the people; czars, technocrats, apparatchiks, are fully intact and fully engaged, so watch them closely. When they hit the sack last night (early this morning) they had some sort of plan already outlined.

Get ready. We said it could worse if we started to win. Look for that to happen. Look for those little signs.

Besides the Obama team the only other solid rock in this game now is you…the guys who made this happen in Massachusetts. A conservative (That remains to be seen) didn’t win there. But conservatives did elect a new senator, there, and while the GOP is taking bows, and the media is blaming everything from George W Bush to increased sunspot activity, they know…more importantly, Obama’s team knows… who put Scott Brown over.

Get ready, for as of today, the bell starts to toll for you.