Massachusetts: One Law Observed on Election Eve

I have to revisit a couple of things I’ve said earlier:

First, I said that the Coakley woman could win fair and square. No she can’t. This much I already know…but we also know that there are many Dem operatives out there; Acorn, the unions, SEIU, who have more than just politics at stake here. They have professional and vanity reasons for making sure she does win. Their own credibility is at stake, not to mention millions of dollars.

So yes, she can still…er… win.

Who cannot win is the Democrat party, Barack Obama, his agenda, and his healthcare plan. No matter the outcome (and I expect some very interesting scenes around the Bay State tomorrow, especially since the weather won’t be conducive for a massive turnout by ambivalent voters) the most important observers of this election, back in Washington, will be trembling as they watch the massive curtain around their wall of secrecy rent asunder…and then that giant hand writing on the wall.

The second thing I said is that many senators and all the House of Representatives will see that their jobs are in grave peril. So, Lady Nan will be lucky to get 150 votes on health care, Harry Reid 50….whether Scott Brown is seated next week, next month, or at all. Count on it.

Even the GOP is growing a pair, or so I’ve heard. The times, they are a’changin. (Dylan)

But there is a law at work here, once which I’ve mentioned before that applies to you, and to the millions of voters out there, the non-professionals in this fight: When Good stands up to Evil, Evil blinks. Evil can only get excited when there is a thing or person to hate, and in this election, there is no thing worth hating. They ain’t excited. However, Good gets excited just by being for a thing, and while many of you are saying No, we are against many things in Massachusetts, I beg to differ. Those things we are against, like Reid, Obama, healthcare, arrogance of power, all have simply reminded us of some long-buried love we had for things we’d become complacent about…Lady Penguin is very elegant in how she expresses this, much better then me…but is now so deeply felt in our souls that it aches now that it is back out in the open. We didn’t make the Dems, Obama, et al, our enemy. They made us theirs. Evil simply cannot stand up against people loving a thing as much as you do this country and the Constitutional promise, and in the end, that is the true test in the battle between Good and Evil, for only this love can define which is which.

End of sermon. The lesson learned here, The One Law Observed, is that we now know 1) we have the upper hand and 2) in Massachusetts we’ve shown how we can use it…for now we know we can “stampede an election” in ways the the Dems and the Left cannot.

And by “we” I mean you at RedState (EE, Moe, Swamp_Yankee, just to name a few) and a few other internet sites who have done nothing but generate vast amounts of heat and rampage these past two weeks. Sheer fury. I’ve watched it…and analyzed. (That’s what I get paid for.) Brown’s campaign is due all the credit they can claim, but once (if) seated, they will fade away, not to emerge again until time to run for the full term in 2012. You will still be here, looking for the next fire fight tomorrow. The GOP will also claim their share of the glory. (What can i say?) But you will still be here. And the talking heads, the media? will all point as far away from you as they can in passing out credit for not just Scott Brown’s win but in the sudden shift in the political landscape, because the last thing they will want to do is legitimize what they already know you have done.

Forget the sentiment (I get that way from time to time) and understand only the diagnostics:

Win or lose, we’ve won, and we’ve won because you can generate intense voter interest (to hell with media interest) in any election of your choosing. Take that knowledge and bottle it. Run with it. For you’ve just shown how to stay one step ahead of the Enemy. You’ve just proven how to beat him.