Nitpicking Sarah Palin and the Tea Parties

By popular demand: Thanks Erick

I have a little Red Star and cap and from time to time I put it on, so I can read a stream from the point of view of the Enemy.

About Sarah Palin, I agree with EE. Right now she is an asset to conservatism and its purposes. That she may be an asset to the Republican Party has yet to be revealed. She will reveal herself in due course, so speculations now as to what she might do or should do is uninteresting to me.

The Enemy sees her as Bad News Incarnate, and that is a Good Thing.

If she, or the Tea Party Movement strikes out as a third party, then they will see that as a Good Thing, in fact, a major victory, a major threat vanquished.

About the Tea Party Movement: from the very beginning we here (and I’m sure others) picked up vibes of a lot of private agendas by sponsors with money, organizers and self-appointed leaders. We saw millionaires reaching out to those same concerned citizens that have come to be known as the heart and soul of the Tea Party movement, and for that matter, America, as the Founders envisioned it.

Many envisioned a movement with themselves at the head of it. Call it vanity, call it the natural response of a person who pulled himself up by the boot straps and made $10 million, so now says to himself “I can lead.”

I can’t get into the hearts of those leaders. Some are as true blue as Job. Some are misquided, and some are out and out in it for their own vanities. Hell, do the math. In a city my size, there are at least a dozen, the Tea Party group sort of umbrella’ing the others. They have individual events where only 8-10 show up, and larger events where a few hundred turn out…and here in VA, there is nothing going on politically. They’re just staying active. This is also a Good Thing, and this the Enemy sees with disdain and fear.

From the beginning RedState has pushed a pursuit of local agenda, and participation, in part, because those are things that keep them active, involved, and “continue their education”, and establish a conservative base at the grass roots, while national or statewide politics are still out there in the future. This the Enemy also sees with fear.

The hope we (my group, but also RedState, I think) had is that by primary time 2010 most of these groups would have melded into hopefully one, but possibly 2, more defined groups, on a state or congressional district level. Since people tend to go with what appears to be winners, this a natural tendency. This is populism turning orderly, on its own accord. This the Enemy sees with even more fear.

But for this to happen (again, do the math) we also know there has to be some bruised vanities along the way, even in twelve short months. Some guys have already taken their balls and gone home…and some have set up sniping and the petty kind of back-biting that naturally occurs in office promotions. Some are not willing to take one for the team because, in their heart of hearts, they never were really in it for the team. We all see this all the time, only in different contexts. In this the Enemy finds Hope.

SO, with my Red Star cap on, I’m seeing these things unfold in a different way. For one, the Tea Party Movement was “unplanned” for and caught the Enemy unawares, and therefore has been able to create an energy they can no longer nip in the bud. But now, a year later, they are “planned for” and the first order of business is to sow discord among what the Enemy sees are natural divisions and fault lines in the movement as I just described above, with the ultimate purpose of spinning off into a Third Party, or simply causing thousands once again, as they did in ‘06 and ‘08, to stay home.

Never forget the Lawyer’s Prayer: Lord, I beseech You to stir up strife among these Thy children so that this Thy servant shall not perish. Amen.

(That many in the GOP may be praying this prayer as well I find a Bad Thing indeed.)

The Enemy is simply watching and practicing the fine arts of the world’s second oldest profession.

Keep this in mind, as you split the finer hairs of Sarah’s new doo.