Big Scott Brown Turnaround: Victory now means end of OBamacare, and more

We’re on record as having been a little lukewarm about Scott Brown…until we saw the debate. We think he’ll be a solid center-right Republican in the Senate, more Norm Coleman than either of the Maine blueberries. His election to the Senate would have been a good thing even in Reagan’s day, let alone a time when America is teetering on the brink.

But it’s the side-shows that tell us more about this race; the attack ads, hastily patched-together (can’t even spel), which even in their delivery have the sweet aroma of panic. And then there was “the push” which, no matter how angry it makes you in Wisconsin, really only plays in Massachusetts-with-only-one-e, as I get a feeling voters there now have a sense that maybe “those days” of goon squad thuggery, which really underlaid Boston and Kennedy politics all the way back to the 50’s, may finally be over.

It is true, if Brown wins…in just 6 1/2 days from now…they (from Harry Reid to DeVal Patrick) will move heaven and earth to delay, maybe even challenge, his election as far into March as possible, just to insure OBamacare’s passage.

Only it won’t matter, and most Dems know it…because if Scott Brown wins, the Senate won’t matter. When House members look up and see this happening in Massachusetts they will finally know what’s really happening out here, all over America. They will run for cover, just to save their hides, not to mention their jobs. That Coakley woman was right, every seat, every seat will be up for grabs come November if Scott Brown wins. It will be an earthquake.

If the Dems know this it’s only right we know it, too…for while we are keeping Haiti’s people in our prayers, expect another earthquake of historic proportions next week. So keep Massachusetts voters, poll workers and precinct watchers in your prayers, as well, for they will run a gauntlet not seen since the first free election in Afghanistan.

They (we) need boots on the ground, with cameras, sound recorders at every polling station. In other words, proof. Bernie even plans to fly in from the coast, as himself. If you worry about reverse-carpetbaggers, swarms of out-of-staters coming in carloads across the state line (but wouldn’t that be a picture…Birmingham ’63 all over again?), be careful, but the Coakley woman has already sounded an alarm about outsiders which sounds eerily like what I remember some locals said when Dr King was coming to talk…at church. Ignore it. It will be shouted, and screamed anyway (let’s hope Hillary will stay away so it won’t be screeched), but no one will listen this time.

Just as everyone on the Left in Washington knows about health care, everyone in Massachusetts knows, if there is ever going to be a time to throw off the shackles of one-party rule, now is that time.

So now, registrars need to be reminded of the laws that govern elections, and the laws that govern pissed-off voters who discover registrars who’ve ignored those laws. State officials, from Patrick on down, also need to be reminded of that part of hell where voters’ fury is kept in storage, if voting isn’t kept clean.

If that Coakley woman is going to win, and she very well may, fair and square, then let her do it fair and square, so that the participating officials can go back home and defend their jobs just as half to two-thirds of the House of Representatives will who want to keep their jobs come November. My only advice to Massachusetts officials: When in doubt, take the high road, for no one who keeps to the low road will be overlooked this time. No one.

That way, if Coakley should win by hook and crook, as is now the plan, then let every government official know, from Harry Reid down to the First Judge in Middlesex County, to the glad-hander handing out free coupons for shots of Bushmills down at Clancy’s…there will be a price to pay. No judge’s gavel will change that.

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