Harry Reid and Barack Obama are not friends. They never were.

Don’t forget this, while savoring the moment of Reid’s discomfort. It’s a side bar.

Barack Obama, and his kind, have grown up knowing how white liberals think of them. It was the same in Colonial Africa, where his father grew up. In the Civil Rights south, in the 60’s, they were called “white gods and goddesses”, and even in Dr King’s day, black kids were taught to be wary of the outstretched offerings by such people. Since Liberation theology came to these shores, as well as Black Islam, it has been part and parcel of their preaching and teaching.

In South Africa, during apartheid, I knew many Zulus and Xhosa people who hated English “liberals” more than they did the Afrikaners. The Boers were tough, even mean, but honest, the English oily and condescending, so it was an easy choice. It’s the same way I feel about Russian communists and American progressives. You always feel like taking a bath after being in the room with a ModLib. It’s the same way many (more than you know) blacks feel about white liberal Democrats.

American progressivism is racist to the core, and class-conscious to the core. As our betters they best know how to “raise” their lessers, in their own image. (Remember Rau-ru, Sidney Poitier’s first big role, in Band of Angels?) They don’t believe in the risen black man or woman any more than the KKK did…unless they had personally put their hands on him; tap him out, like a Beta Club ceremony. Clarence Thomas is what happens when ones lifts himself by his own boot straps.

This, too, is why we fight.

Barack Obama accepted Harry Reid’s apology for the same reason Harry Reid offered it; they are political allies, not friends. Obama already knew Harry Reid’s heart.

Someday they will no longer be political allies. I’ve mentioned this before, the fight yet to come between the bandits, the hot tub socialists and the guys with that “get even” harder socialist edge.

All that stands between the eventuality of that fight is us, for first they must subdue and corral the American people. There will be no splitting up of the spoils, once we’re safely ensnared.

So keep your eye on the prize, for in their eyes, we’re it.