Scott Brown pre-election post-mortem?

Of course, we’re all rooting for Scott Brown to upend that Coakley woman in Massachusetts on the 19th. But he’s not exactly our dog, as Doug Hoffman was our dog in NY-23.

This is a question more than anything else. Just how much of “our” (conservatism’s) imprimatur do we want to stamp on his behind?

When Hoffman lost, I know there was much self-congratulation about what he had done, and what “we” (conservatives) had done, but the more sober-minded also asked: could we have done more? (Answer, probably yes, which is what “going all-in bigger” means.) No matter, we’ll see him again in November, most likely, with the full faith and credit of the GOP behind him.

But this is not such a bad question to ask about Mr Brown. Only ask it now.

The Dem’s are already out on front on what might happen if Brown does win, i.e. delaying certification and swearing-in until after the health care vote and the State of the Union, witness Moe Lane’s headline this AM.

Brown bears some conservative creds, but is very iffy on health care,

If it’s a good piece of legislation that is a Democrat piece and is good for my state, and it makes sense for the people of the United States, then it’s possible I’ll support it. But for anyone to think that I’m going to be in lock-step with anybody, I think they’re mistaken.”…

….and other conservative issues.

My own view is that he (his campaign) has misassessed the anti-government, anti-Democrat Party, even anti-health care bill anger in Massachusetts, playing his cards like Lincoln Chafee or Olymsun Snowlins might play them. Or maybe Kirsten Gillibrand. Ideological flip-flop seems to be in Yankee water these days.

If it waddles like a RINO, and quacks like a RINO…so be careful.

We already know if it’s close the Dem’s can ACORN (that has now become a verb) 3% easy, 7% hard, unless strong protections and  interventions are in place on election day. (Who’s in charge of that? Anyone?) In all likelihood, as an iffy centrist, as the above-health care statement seems to indicate, Brown will lose, by hook or by crook, and conservative Massachucks (or is it Massachoots) will have to crawl back into their holes and wait a another generation.

Maybe we should have an after-action on Scott Brown now.

I recently wrote a piece “What is to be Done?” where I suggested a larger and more broad involvement of conservative groups such as RedState. If you want him to win, can you have any future street cred with him if he does? I am sure his campaign people are aware of the work RedState is already doing for him. But are they glad, happy, proud you’re behind him, or, like a man with his mistress, “I love you, but we’re strangers when we meet…so, walk on by”? (Leroy Van Dyke “Just Walk -1961).

Not knowing whether you (the RedState front line) have already met with Brown’s people, continue to meet with them, or have an open line of communication to offer suggestions or position analysis, such as hitting a little harder on some conservative issues…my question is, Do you want to?

I ask you to think of this now, for if he loses by a point, you will ask this on January 20th or thereabouts. This is what going “all-in bigger” means.