Is the Post Office out of Money? Or just got the No-Fly list Blues?

You can help me here. This may be a local glitch, but I’d like to ask if it’s more widespread.

This is a city of app 25,000, just outside of Richmond, VA. My postman told me on Thursday that the letter carriers who get their bi-monthy paycheck by direct deposit didn’t get it. They were told it was a glitch at the Minneapolis check facility. T.S. They’d catch up with it in two weeks.

My postman said he was grateful he was getting a hard check, only, on Friday, when he came by, that check hadn’t been cut either. Next time, they said.

Of course, with so many people living paycheck to paycheck, this can be disastrous…late fees for credit cards, utilities, groceries…but knowing the head shed down there, I’m not surprised by the general indifference. Manana.

What we’re interested in knowing is whether this is a part of a pattern. If you hear of anything, please reply here.

I’ve never heard of such an isolated glitch where local management couldn’t draw on a local fund site to cover for two weeks. But that requires resourcefulness and a general willingness to do right by your employees. Things have changed in twenty years.

It could be that the Post Office front office is where all those desk managers over at State, in charge of no-fly lists, have been reassigned.