Health Care: The Planned-for, and UnPlanned-for Counterattack

We often mention the Left’s propensity for trying to predict the GOP’s next counter-move, then get out ahead of it. It’s a constant theme with us since we believe the unplanned-for counter attack is how you beat them.

Well, thismorning, while at the gym, I watched a Fox News debate between a GOP flack and an ex-adviser to Clinton, as he stated that the GOP would be running a “Repeal the Health care bill” campaign this year.

Since the bill has yet to be passed, I found this interesting, but it is indicative of just how sure the Dem’s are the bill will pass, and just how sure they are of the GOP counter-strategy. If they were right, this might even be an effective preemption of a GOP response. But it could also be a stumble.

Problem is, repeal probably doesn’t go far enough, and while the GOP establishment over on First Street, or in Congress, can say so, various people’s groups out here can.

I’m just an old country lawyer, but it seems to me, even as Congress often passes unconstitutional legislation all the time, the threshold for criminality may be passed when it knowingly and intentionally passes laws that 1)strip away fundamental rights of the people and 2) requires out and out bribery to be enacted.

I don’t know who RedState’s sitting “attorney general” is, but ask him/her or maybe Andy Mccarthy for an AG’s opinion, for I think it is clear that Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu for sure, and others most likely, accepted bribes in exchange for their votes, and the fact that the bribe came from another government official, using taxpayer dollars, rather than say, Enron, should actually magnify the crime, not diminish it.

Moreover, in bribery and conspiracy, there are also the bribers to consider, of whom we are sure about Reid and Pelosi in the case of Nelson, as well as others.

If we cannot get that promised transparency from Obama, about Senate negotiations, perhaps a courtroom of people with their hands on their hands on the Bible will work just as well.

One of our running themes here has been to re-inject the “fear factor” between Congress and the people, and the health care debate proved that simply throwing members of Congress won’t be enough, for the more culpable of them have even better paying jobs waiting on the outside, not to mention the finest two-year vested pension plan in the history of mankind. Repeal+Plus puts those goodies back on the table.

Where the Dem’s may have over-stepped is in broadcasting before the vote is in that this will be their preemptive strategy, for it allows our side enough time to marshal out forces to lay a series of “attorney general’s findings” about our ability (and willingness) to go a step or two beyond. No matter what the GOP says officially, we can start hanging out our “Get a Lawyer” bumper stickers.

Ben Nelson may yet change his mind if he see the possibility of playing “Drop the Soap” in a minimum security prison in his future.