The Northwest Bomber, Framing the Political Blowback

Like so many others, we’ve been speculating about the dodges the Obama Administration have been making over the “failures” of this terror-attempt.

On Sunday, Robert Gibbs obliquely placed the blame on the Bush administration, saying it was from a policy from his era…never saying that it never took, what?, eleven months to get a kid moved from the “Watch” list to the “No-Fly” list.

If he’d walked up to security clearance in Lagos with a stick of dynamite up his arse, i can still understand why they’d pass him through. The son of a banker, everyone knew he meant no Nigerian any harm. But once in Amsterdam, well, he still passed through…their security controls, not ours…and yes that is something we need to attend to…and yes, the debate has already sprung up about profiling..once again…and whether my toothpaste is just as suspicious as that sweaty, swarthy fellow fiddling his worry beads.

But the awful simple fact is that he wasn’t on a no-fly list, and should have been, and no matter what the Obamailis say, that would never have happened under Bush (because if it had, there would have been an incident somewhere, and omigod, the media attetion.). The whole idea of no-fly is preventative, i.e., it’s impossible to measure prevented non-events, so once again, Bush went for success unreported rather than an opportunity to stride before the teleprompter to comment on a bomb(er) diffused…that had escaped the seine net.

Somebody screwed up at DHS, and someone screwed up at State. Actually a lot of people screwed up. And I am sure they are quietly searching now for the poor GS-3 pigeon on whose shoulders this entire entire calamity they can lay it…but from where the sun now stands I tell you this is a Front Office screw-up of the first order. Management.

Our bureaucracy specialist (RPH) calls this a “psychological stand-down” that probably began as early as February. Al Qaeda probes for that kind of stuff, and here they found it.

Are there others?

No lives lost, still, a big win for the bad guys. They now know about about our preparedness than we do.

That said, some politician needs to step forward and say it. It is an issue, political, as well as security.