Last Stand by Doctors. Can a Rolling Strike Still Kill Obamacare?

From the diaries by Erick

I hate to ask others to do what I can’t but I think only doctors can still stop this now as well as laythe groundwork for a constitutional challenge.

About 3 weeks ago I met with some Richmond area doctors. They are apoplectic, and a few have signed petitions. Some have called their legislators. We have two senators in Virginia who will vote with the plan, but have been so quiet, so absent, and unavailable for public comment…

…but the message they are getting, from senate staffers, and the general scat from the Administration, is that they are rich and spoiled doc-brats. Shut up.

So the tendency, since doctors are rarely politically active (unlike lawyers), is to back away, knowing they can do little as individuals.

But how about as a bloc?

I mentioned this to my group, and they looked at me as if I’d suggested they take up chiropracty. Still, the idea here is on the table.

I told them if as few as twenty or thirty of them went public on local media and declared a strike, say for a week, 2 weeks, except for emergency care, within a few hours, maybe days their number would double, triple.

And with another day there would be at least ten more cities declaring as well.

I lied. I didn’t know any of these things to be true, and realized it would be these doctors, not me, putting it on the line if they did come out and declare.

Doctors are the one group that have a vested interest and legal complaint, legal-constitutional complaint, over this health care package. They can sue.

I think they can get all kinds of media, with the people, their patients closing ranks behind them, 20 to 1. If “Doc So-and-So says it’s bad, it’s bad.”

Your thought?