On the 10th we posted on our home site, and here on the 11th, advice to Tiger, and some observations about the media. http://www.redstate.com/vassar/2009/12/11/from-fdr-to-tiger-woods-the-constant-thread-of-manufacture/

Tiger seems to be taking the advise (from someone else) that we offered up; i.e., laying low, taking a sabbatical from golf, ostensibly to save his marriage and family. On these matters we are never cynical, so will dispense with the Tiger jokes until/unless he steps on it again. We have to give every professed penitent the benefit of the doubt. Clinton never ‘fessed up. Gore and Kerry, both fantastic liars, never have had to ‘fess up either. And as I wrote, JFK never got the chance.

Which brings us back to the role of the media. I’ve heard mentioned more than once since the Tiger story broke, that the media always knew about Tiger’s promiscuity (just as they did Jack’s), yet, in order to have access and to be allowed to be a kind of “groupie” to Tiger, they kept it quiet.

Maybe this analysis is bass-ackwards. The media made Jack Kennedy. They made Al Gore.  They made Barack Obama. They didn’t make Tiger, but they did make him something he wasn’t, and that something extra put tens of millions of dollars in his pockets, as well as his fellow golfers’ and the PGA. And like the sainthood of JFK, they were the first to cash in the “crash”.

Can anyone find an innocent motive in Tiger’s biggest stalkers today his biggest protectors yesterday?

This is just a notion, worthy of a book by some intrepid investigator, but if the media are indeed one of many potential master-handlers/puppeteers, rather than dreamy-eyed groupies, they need to be looked at once again in an even more sinister light…for with Barack Obame we may indeed be dealing with deep-set megalomania.