Some months ago I reluctantly wrote that G W Bush should have resigned as soon as he was sworn in to his second term, in 2004, letting Richard Cheney finish what needed to be done.
I based that claim on the morality of the man, for he was unable to keep his oath (Protect and defend the Constitution) while holding true to a major tenet of his faith (turn the other cheek). It was only by a moral sleight of hand that he could have justified both to himself, and that was by making his Democrat detractors merely “misunderstood” in his own mind, and making the object of their slanders and barbs his own cheeks…rather than mine…and yours.
I stand by my statement that George W Bush had no right, no authority, to turn the other cheek, when it was mine, and ours, being slapped.

In the same vein I remind Senators McConnell and assemblage they have no right, in the name of collegiality and comity, and the dignity of Senate, to allow the other side of the aisle to steal my liberty and kick the slats of me.