Remember Calvera, the bandit?

He said:

” If God had not intended them to be sheared,
He would not have made them sheep”

Now that the hoax-cat is out of the bag, people are asking about the political kingpins of the global warming scam.
Where’s Al Gore?
Well, he’s still talking the talk, that’s what.

As we have often said, you should never blame on conspiracy what you can on stupidity. With Gorvera, the jury is still out…
…but until shown otherwise, I’m still going with stupidity.
If he could not add two plus two at the beginning of this equation, why would we think he would be able to add two plus two at the end of it?

One of the apocryphal stories of Simon Magus is that “he started believing his own stuff” (Jonathan Winters), and decided he could fly off a tower.
He couldn’t.

We see a similar end, politically, of course, for Gore-vera.

Let’s hope.