What the EPA Ruling Should Mean to the GOP

About the EPA ruling: If it wasn’t apparent in February, or May, it should now be crystal clear now what the purposes of this administration, and certain elements in the House and Senate are.
For one, there is a unified plan…from health care, to cap and trade, to banking regulation, to card check. Neither the Congress nor czars are acting randomly.
If key GOP operatives don’t know this already, they should be sacked. Key conservative analysts should be making sure…today…that they do know these things.
Then what they must do…is make sure that key moderate Democrats, in both Houses are warned, and that warning must be made in writing or some other provable form of evidence…
…so when the purposes of the Administration are laid bare in public (early 2010), those Democrats will know, and their voters will know, that they had been warned, and theremore must be prepared to suffer the fate of the driving forces of the Left behind this government takeover.
I am not just talking about Blanche Lincoln and Ben Nelson. There is Bayh of Indiana. There are both Virginia senators. And no, Senator Warner, four years will not provide enough time to heal and rehabilitate yourself.
If any Democrat member of Congress has any hope of being a presidential contender (Bayh and Warner especially) in either 2012 or 2016, they have to decide now if they want to hitch their star to Obama’s wagon, or come out against him. The one who comes out soonest, and more forcefully, besides keeping Hillary on the sideline in perpetuity, will probably not only be the next Democrat candidate (in 2012) but also the next president, as the GOP clearly does not seem to have the stomach for this “manhood and honor” stuff.

Since I began this alert with advice to the GOP on how to defeat the purposes of the Obamailis, it really makes no sense to then end it by describing a scenario in which the GOP will have to reach way down to find the brass to carry it all the way through, brass they haven’t been able to find in some years.
Maybe this explains their timidity.
And in truth, I am speaking on behalf of the people who stand to suffer once these plans are revealed and executed, and not the Party, who will, after all, be allowed to survive in some docile capacity.