Tom Campbell Switches Races...Does This Mean a Senator DeVore?

After being VASTLY outraised in the Governor’s race here in CA, it seems as though Campbell is not going to stick around for a millionaire money-fight cage match.

His switch puts him with Carly Fiorina, a finger-in-the-air moderate, and Chuck DeVore, a principled conservative. With Campbell’s record of social “moderacy” in the House, he brings to the table the chance of splitting the moderate vote between him and Carly paving the way for the united grassroots support of Chuck DeVore to propel him straight over Boxer.

Though this is merely specualtion and we will see how Campbell plays himself to the Republican primary voters in CA (a “modified” open-primary), chances are that his record of pro-abortion votes, among other socially liberal votes in the house, cannot escape him.

Which leads me to believe that if moderate Republicans have the choice between Fiorina or Campbell and they each have a decent base, their vote will be split thus allowing DeVore to win the primary with a plurality.

My question to Sen. Cornyn:

Are you gonna drop Carly and go for the more MODERATE candidate as you have done before…or are you going to finally get out of OUR primary and everyone elses?