From The Mailbag...Of EE

I was watching videos of some of the awesome speakers at RSG15 that have so  kindly been provided to us who could not be there, when Erick himself came along to “entertain us” with some of the thousands of emails he has been getting since the Trump campaign gave out his email address.  I have done my best to transcribe for you what he read.  It starts at about the 5:22:16 mark on the Saturday edition of the RSG15 You Tube video.  I ask those of you who have been around here for a while who have disagreed with Erick’s disinviting Mr. Trump, do you really want to stand shoulder to shoulder with these people?

From Thomas in Sioux City:  “You people, especially liberal Erick Erickson, are idiots.  I’m 56, in Iowa, and I’m a conservative.  I’m so sick of political correctness that I may puke.  I’m mad as hell about what that ass in the White House has done to our country.  I want someone else who’s mad as well.  I want Trump.  If you are smart, you will back him, not the whore.”

From Peter: “Big mistake disinviting Mr. Trump. Not a huge supporter, but he is America’s best hope and I’m thinking that Trump is the only person who can save the country.”

**Those are the extra nice ones**

From Mark: “Disinviting Trump just shows how skewed the political process is.  Maybe you should ask the c##t not to ask gotcha questions.”

From Bridget:  “Shame on you, Erick.  She very clearly was on her period.  I’m a woman.  I want my America back and I refuse to let Fox News dictate to me who the president will be.  Mr. Trump is not politically correct.  He’s a great American.  F##k you.

Craig: “If you truly gave a crap about conservative values, you wouldn’t (the voice cut out here) Trump, he’s the only one with testicles to be speaking my language and no one is more conservative than me, so f##k your liberal RedState joke of a conservative group.”

Here is Erick’s personal favorite.  I can’t promise I got it exactly right because it made so little sense, my brain had a hard time absorbing what I was hearing.  From Karen: “No problem, Erick the [female body part].  We will never bother with the RedState or The 5, which I gave up Fox 2 years ago because of Rinos.  A feminist whore using a whore lesbian vulgar mouthpiece to use on Trump.  Tell you what, Erick, have that vulgar whore lesbian on your show and ask her to comment on Donald Trump.  She is a feminist whore of the hippie whore bred 60s, the filth of the United States, only interested in the f-word and aborting things.  Donald Trump is a great American.  Cowards kneel before the n-word Democrat daily.  You [‘do certain things that require me to be on my knees in front of the president’] daily while he interrupts and runs his mouth to disrupt everyone.  Wow, ‘RedStare’ Erick showing his Rino colors in living color just like the n-word in the White House.  RedState for Rhinos and Democrats only, no conservatives allowed.  You are a fake like Krauthammer the socialist Jew who belongs in a socialist country.”

I didn’t catch this one’s name:  “Because of your unfair selection of guests at the RedState Gathering, I will vote for Donald Trump if he runs independent.  I’ve voted Republican for 50 years, but not this year thanks to you and Megyn Kelly.”

Didn’t catch this one’s name either: “Are you sure you aren’t a Democrat? You’re going to be the next Bruce Jenner.  Please keep making Donald mad so he runs as a 3rd party.  I’ll laugh my butt off.  You people are going to be sorry you pissed him off.  You won’t need to worry about who the next GOP candidate is.  Keep taking orders from that communist Ailes.”

From B. Caudill: “Erickson, I will not spell your name correctly because that would mean I respect you, is a sexist for assuming Trump was talking about menstruation when he said ‘blood coming out of wherever’ right after saying ‘blood coming out of her eyes’.  I thought he was going to say nose or mouth.  If your mind automatically goes to menstruation, you’re a sexist.  P.S.  He was right.”

I can only imagine, well…maybe not, what some of the others said. Now, Erick is a grownup and he can take care of himself.  Mr. Trump, however, does need to man up and apologize to Ms. Kelly for what he said and to Erick for, deliberately or not, trying to drag RSG15 down in the mud with him. He also needs to be a man and apologize to those of us who are taking this process at this time in history even more seriously than we usually do for acting like a petulant child.  Politically correct be damned, this had nothing to do with not being politically correct.  What he said and how he is acting now shows a complete lack of class and a profound disrespect for all true conservatives.  Reminds me of someone else who has been living in the White House for nearly the last 7 years.  We do need a candidate who will tell it like it really is, but we do.not.need.this.!

**I am on record here (more than once and just recently) saying I would vote for Trump in the primary before I would vote for Christie or Jeb!. That is no longer the case.  I have completely lost all respect for Mr. Trump.  I will continue to pray I’m never faced with that choice because now I honestly don’t know what I’d do.

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