Don't Worry About Trump

I have no plans to vote for Mr. Trump.  I don’t believe he will make it past the debate coming up in a few weeks because I’m not sure he will be able to hold his own against some of the others. On the other hand, we might all be surprised.

Those of us here at RedState are some of the most tuned in voters there are.  We travel the interwebs for as much information as we can get and come back here to discuss, argue and occasionally get out our flame throwers.  Sometimes viewpoints are changed, sometimes we take our toys and leave in a huff never to return, and sometimes we even get banned.  But, there’s something to remember about the majority of people who are supporting Mr. Trump.  They are NOT you or me.

Most of the people who are flocking to Mr. Trump are the very people we need.  They will use Google to research the best price on almost anything, but it never occurs to them that they can use it to find out what a candidate stands for or if the candidate they voted for is doing what they said they would do. Like us, they are completely disgusted by the very people they helped elect and as a result they tune out, walk away only to return when it’s time to dutifully cast their vote again.  Then, out walks Mr. Trump to announce his campaign for the presidency, speaking plainly about all of the things they care about and they think, “hey, he sounds just like me!”. He didn’t use political-speak, nor was he politically correct, to get his points across and that is a huge draw, whether we like it or not. Yes, he’s loud, but he has their attention.

Here is what I’d like you to consider. The more other candidates trash-talk Mr. Trump, the more condescending they are, the more those voters will be alienated from the better candidates because what they will hear is those candidates think the same way about them.  They’ll stick to him like glue.  Remember, we’re talking about human nature here.

I believe you will agree that we are well and truly on the cusp of either the beginning of something great or continuing down the current road to complete disaster. We are going to need every single vote we can get. So, here’s my theory. As we know, Ted Cruz has not joined the others in the name calling.  I think he realizes the value of the voters Mr. Trump could bring to our side, with a little finesse.  I also think he recognizes that in order to keep those votes, Mr. Trump must be allowed to fail all on his own because that’s the only way he, and those voters, will accept the loss.  There’s no way he’ll stand for being drummed out just for being himself and again, neither will those voters. That’s where the danger lies. Like you and me, most people are sick and tired of being promised one thing and handed a steaming pile of poo later.  People love that he’s not a politician.  In my opinion, that is both his greatest asset and his greatest weakness.  Still, the last thing we need is for Mr. Trump to take his toys, his money and his voters and run as an independent.  He could take more than we can afford to lose.  Perhaps that is why [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] met with Mr. Trump, not necessarily to court him for VP as some have wondered, but to court him for later on in the race.  If Mr. Trump is treated fairly and with respect by any candidate, he is more likely to endorse and encourage his supporters to vote for whoever that candidate is. It might also keep him from going independent and save face when he finally drops out on his own.


Ah ha!  I was just finishing this up when I saw a headline elsewhere that Mr. Trump has indeed shoved both feet in his mouth with his crass remark about [mc_name name=’Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M000303′ ]. He will have lost quite a bit of support for that and rightfully so.  I believe that alone may do the trick. Folks may have a hate on for politicians these days, but they absolutely despise a veteran basher.  Me included. We’ll have to see how this plays out.

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