Mandatory Voting? No, Mr. Obama, not for the Free People of these United States

Is there no end to what this man will try?  Voting is one of the privileges of living in a representative republic and as much as I look down my nose at people who exercise their right to not vote, I will defend that right to the bitter end.  I can hear him now pitching this as a positive loss of liberty.  After all, no one will be prevented from voting if this passes and we all know there are vast numbers of citizens who are being oppressed and kept from voting by evil conservatives (/sarc)!

I’ve believed, ever since this man took office, that there is a group of people who gather in the Oval Office in the dark of night and sit around, shoes off, feet on furniture, smokin’ dope and drinkin’ beer, coming up with hair-brained ideas to perpetrate on the American people. This is where every single failed policy has come from.  It’s where every stupid way Obama has insinuated himself into situations that have nothing to do with him has been thought of (think Trayvon). No one ever thinks of the consequences of the situations they cause, they aren’t capable of it.

Now he wants to do mandatory voting.  I’m quite sure he and his pals haven’t thought about how that would actually work. It is a 99.9% probability that people would have to have **photo voter IDs** so the IRS (who else?) would know who has voted and who has not.  GASP!!!  No!  Yes!  Naturally, this will get spun around to make it appear that it is those evil conservatives who will now prevent people from getting their photo IDs, even though they are the very same people who pushed for that very thing.  Of course, they’ll enlist the New Black Panthers and the Muslim Brotherhood  to round up stragglers and march ’em down to the polling places. Resistance will be futile. Punishment for nonvoting will be confiscation of everything a person owns, family tossed into the street, and prison for the head of the family a la North Korea style, never to be seen again.

I feel better now, having gotten that off my chest and hopefully out of my mind.  Insomnia leads one to think about bizarre things in the middle of the night.  I’ll go back into hiding now.    🙂

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