Common Core Takes Revenge on Oklahoma

Today, Oklahoma had the No Child Left Behind waiver revoked because our governor grew a pair and signed legislation to dump common core, in no small part due to the strong voices of the public. As well, she’s up for reelection in November and I’m sure that played a part in her decision. Now, thanks to the revenge takers, nearly every public school is on the “needs improvement” list and all federal monies will come with strict guidelines as to how it can be used. Of course, the budget for schools has already been set and distributed. If I remember what I heard correctly, we have a year in which to come up with a set of standards that will meet their approval. I believe we already have a group of people to begin designing the new standards and it includes parents, other members of the state communities, legislators and I don’t know who else. I believe the legislation set a 2 year deadline, but they’ll have to step it up. Naturally, our token dems are running around bleating about how we’re doomed, blah blah blah.

Personally, I would be more than happy to pay more in state income tax if it meant we could stand up and collectively thumb our noses at the feds and say thanks but no thanks, we’ll take care of our kids education ourselves from now on.

As I get more information, I’ll update this post. If anyone else has something to add, please do!

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