Stop the Ebola Scare Mongering

Here’s a headline from Breitbart that has probably sent some people into full blown panic while  making others very uncomfortable, at least until they read the article.

REPORT: 6 Tested in NYC Tested for Ebola; News Withheld from Public”    (yep, very poorly written headline having used “tested” twice)

Here’s another –

Ebola Scare Grips Britain After Woman  Dies Arriving on Gambia Flight

As for the first headline above, you have to read the entire article to find out that none of these six people tested positive for Ebola. As well, the article does not state that any one of those six people had actually been to Africa, much less to Sierra Leone, Libya or the other places where the outbreak is taking place.

As for the second headline, I would bet my very last dollar it has been edited. It is the one that prompted me to write a diary on this. I could swear the word “Scare” was not in the headline when I first read it. The way it originally read was more like “Ebola Grips Britain After Woman Dies Arriving on Gambia Flight”. Worded like this makes it sound as if Ebola had really been carried into the country by this poor woman; she tested negative. Of course, I could be wrong about the editing, but I don’t think so.

This is grocery store tabloid-type tripe at the least and scare mongering at the worst. Jan Hanchett and Nick Hallett should both be ashamed of themselves for publishing these articles with these headlines. It is irresponsible to inflame the worries of the public with this kind of shoddy journalism, especially at a time when we have real cases of real diseases walking over our southern border thanks to our fabulous president. Bah!

Andrew must be spinning in his grave.

I’ll try to keep this short. If you want to contract Ebola, book a flight to Africa, travel to the villages where aid workers are caring for patients. Find the sickest patient in the most putrid advanced state of the disease when the virus is shedding itself from the body and hug them. Without having gloved, gowned and masked, covered your head, started using a respirator and be sure not to bathe or wash your hands afterwards. Hug them again just for luck, then go eat lunch – again, don’t wash your hands. If you’re really lucky, lunch will be comprised of some kind of “mystery meat” from an Ebola-infected animal. After all, this is how the experts believe the whole human Ebola thing came to be back in the 1970s.  Oh yeah, be sure to stick yourself with a couple of dirty needles. One will do, but use two just to be sure. Ebola will be so happy you did!

What I’m trying to say is take a deep breath and relax a little. You have many real worries that deserve your attention, not Ebola. Make sure the Ebola chain emails stop with you, refuse to pass it on to 10 of your friends. Send it back with a message to the person who sent it to you, being nice of course, but explain you don’t wish to receive such emails that are doing nothing but scaring the dickens out of people for no reason. Just say NO! to Ebola.

You and I both have a better chance of contracting MRSA, VRE or even SARS at our local gym or the grocery store than Ebola. But that’s for another diary on another day.  🙂


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