Barack Obama Is Like A Serial Arsonist

I’ve been thinking a lot about this poseur in the White House, all of his many crises and it dawned on me that he is like a serial arsonist. He’s not particular about the size of the fire he starts, as long as it burns a sufficient amount of time to distract the populace and send the “opposition party” running in the planned direction to try and put out the fire. He sets little wastebasket fires such as the Beer Summit, Trayvon Martin, bowing to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (among others). The first two really are more like meddling where he doesn’t belong and opening his mouth without TOTUS being available; bowing to the King was a way for him to show the Middle East and the rest of the world how much contempt he holds for America.   

Other fires burn down the house and spread on down the block, like spying on the Associated Press and the NSA spying on American citizens; changing the way the unemployment rate is figured, thereby giving false results; the bailout of Solyndra, the takeover of GM and Chrysler, the near trillion dollar “stimulus” that resulted in nothing other than $800,000,000,000 plus disappearing into thin air (or fat pockets); Arizona illegal immigration law strike down; closing of national monuments/parks during the sequestration; global warming/cooling/climate change, delaying legislation of all sorts in order to avoid backlash just before elections; so on and so forth.   

The worst of his fires are the wildfires. These are the ones that destroy lives, property and tears the fabric of our nation.

*Fast & Furious (Brian Terry – God rest his soul).

*Purchase of thousands of rounds of ammunition only to learn we have 70 plus government agencies that now have SWAT teams – the EPA, Fish and Wildlife, NOAA, Dept. of Education, the IRS, National Park Service, the Dept. of Energy to name a few. I included this because a)it gives me the creeps; b)makes me have very dark thoughts; c)scares the hell out of me.

*Obamacare – canceled insurance for thousands, ran up premium costs for thousands more, dropped employee hours to part time or lost jobs altogether, forced religious organizations to provide pharmaceuticals specifically designed to destroy an already created child in its earliest stages of life (the list is too large to include all grievances here) and allowed our President Poseur to lie about the law without consequence and to change the law willy nilly to suit whatever need he had at the time.

*Benghazi – the lies about what caused the attack on the 9/11 anniversary, the refusal to send aid or beef up security prior to that date, and the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith – Foreign Service Information Management Officer, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty – both CIA contractors (God bless all their souls); not to mention the “morphing” talking points and mystery whereabouts of President Poseur while this all took place.

*The IRS being used as a political hit man against conservatives and the police force arm of Obamacare. Lost emails, computer crashes, destruction of hard drives. Only the tip of the iceberg.

*The Veterans Administration – the mistreatment and non-treatment of our veterans from WWII until the present day, waiting them out until death prevails. Evil.

*Bowe Bergdahl swap for 5 Taliban leaders. This is far beyond the pale and proves President Poseur has no regard for America as a nation or the safety of her people. I personally believe this equates treason – aiding and abetting enemies of the United States of America.

*The border crisis. President Poseur is deliberately placing children and young people in harm’s way by luring them to our border with promises of being able to stay. He is placing our own children and populace at large in danger of diseases we do not normally see in America. What is he going to do/say once it’s discovered some child has been molested or raped while staying in one of the facilities housing them? He is allowing criminals into our country, not just from Mexico and Central America, but from the Middle East. Other countries are represented coming across the border such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Ethiopia and other Asian and African countries (h/t Breitbart). It is a true national security issue, brought on by this administration and planned for months in advance.   

All the while, the fires continue to burn, none have been put out as of yet and we know more will be set. The elected firemen and women in the House and Senate cower under their desks, waiting for someone to rescue them.  

Thinking about Erick’s article today about incompetence versus maliciousness, it could be a combination of both – a little incompetence and a great deal of maliciousness. The Obama administration is the culmination of the perfect firestorm, one that has been brewing and gathering strength for many years. The progs have been patiently waiting for the perfect person to promote came along (Obama) who had all the requisite beliefs plus the right personality to appeal to the citizens unaware, the perfect time when the masses would be at their most gullible and the perfect elected officials in their own party who could be counted on to do as bidden, as well as those in the “opposition” party who would be too cowardly to act with any consequence.  Was it all planned? Yes, in as far as it could be, then suddenly lightening struck, it all came together and the fire swept the nation.   

Just like the real and heroic municipal and volunteer firefighters sit around waiting for the next firestorm to begin, We the People wait to see what more this administration could possibly do to bring our country down. Who knew that a small fire beginning in 2008 would grow to an all consuming firestorm that may well succeed in racing across our nation, swallowing all in its path? All we can do is continue to man the bucket brigade, keeping our water pails full, standing shoulder to shoulder, ready to fly into action whenever we are needed.