Dear Republican Candidate:

I don’t know who you are or what office you are running for. I don’t know if you are male or female or which part of the country you hail from. There are a few things I do know, however, and you would be wise to take heed.

  • You must be courageous and brave. You must not cower in the face of criticism or outright lies tossed out in the wind by your opponents. You must be able to succinctly and immediately redirect those who will try to destroy you to the truth and be unafraid to call a liar a liar to their face. You must have the testicular fortitude of a mastodon (even if you are a lady).

  • There must not be any subject you will not willingly address and debate. If you are Christian, live those values to the very best of your ability, but be humble. Be ready and willing to defend your position on abortion, the sanctity of marriage, the value of an intact family on the members of that family as well as society at large. Show the people what America would be like if they voted based their values, which means voting using both their mind and their heart, not based on someone else’s emotional blackmail.

  • You must be able to take control of and direct the debate/conversation from the outset. Never allow your opponents to wander off into the weeds or try to drag you with them. Alternatively, become the ‘dragger’ and not the ‘dragee’. Never be afraid to challenge or confront your opponent on their views. Be firm and resolute. Be polite, but also know how to be mean and nasty in the nicest possible way that leaves your opponent whimpering and wondering what just happened. Reek of optimism and confidence, cause it to be infectious. That old saying is true…you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

  • You must know the Constitution forward and backward, frontways and sideways, You must be able to relate all policies (those you wish to shape, as well as those already in existence) to their origin in the Constitution, as well as explain why some have no origin or basis in our founding document. For example, if your opponent, or someone at a townhall meeting, brings up “separation of church and state”, explain every time it comes up that this phrase cannot be found anywhere in the Constitution. Tell the story of its origin and how the phrase has been misappropriated, as well as explain the true meaning of the First Amendment. Make it relatable to the person(s) you are addressing.

  • Make sure you have no skeletons in your closet, your spouse’s closet or relatives who do. If it turns out you do have a relative who has a questionable past, always be willing to address it briefly and honestly. If you have ever had any financial dealings that may be considered not on the up and up or if you have ever had an extramarital affair(or your spouse or child has), please reconsider running for office. There are still some things that can defeat you even if they took place long ago and far away and you are up front about them. Otherwise, make your life an open book. Make public all high school, college and post graduate transcripts easily accessible for those who wish to see them. Pay all those parking or speeding tickets. Never be afraid of anyone in your past speaking out about you. Embrace those who are positive forces and destroy those who are not without regret. Let there be no black holes in the timeline of your life.

  • Do not sell your soul to big corporate donors or the ‘official party’. Make sure you have done thorough research on those you hire to manage your campaign before you hire them, then do it again. Look carefully at those they have worked for in the past, examine their record of wins and losses. Do not allow your ‘handlers’ to handle you. If they want you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable because it goes against your convictions, tell them no. If it happens more than once, fire them.

  • Lastly, be yourself. We the People have gotten pretty good at spotting fakes, so don’t try to be someone you aren’t. Don’t make promises you can’t keep and if you don’t know anything about a subject, admit it, and move on. If you promise to read up on it, then you had better follow through. Roll up your sleeves and get down in the muck with your volunteers. We don’t want you to be perfect, there’s no such thing. Just be the candidate you wished for all your life, the candidate you’d want to campaign and vote for. That’s all.