EE - I hope you don't mind...

I’ve just nominated you for a Breitbart award. I’d like to encourage others to do the same for Erick and/or anyone else you believe worthy of that distinction. Here’s what I wrote.

In 2004, a blog called RedState.org was conceived by conservatives for conservatives to promote the conservative message and educate those in the grassroots movement. Erick Erickson volunteered his services not long afterward and now is the Editor in Chief of RedState.com. Nine short years later, RedState is a well respected, much needed refuge for conservatives everywhere. Under Mr. Erickson’s guidance, along with that of the many volunteers and front page contributors, it has blossomed into what I dare say is the most widely read right of center blog by those on both sides of the aisle and everyone in between. While the content and caliber of writing by Erickson and the front pagers is excellent, I most appreciate the opportunity given to members to express their own ideas and concerns through member diaries, as well as make the rest of us aware of what is going on locally in their respective regions. I have come to know and respect folks I’ll likely never meet face to face through the member diaries and the commenting section of each article written. There have occasionally been congressmen/women and senators (current and retired), as well as presidential candidates stop by to post a diary and even sometimes stick around long enough to engage in conversation. Just by reading what is written at RedState, I have learned more about the inner workings of the House and Senate than I ever did as a student!

 All in all, Erick Erickson is the perfect candidate for a Breitbart award as he and Andrew are kindred spirits. Mr. Erickson is dedicated to upholding the values and beliefs of the conservative movement. Like Mr. Breitbart did, he works long, hard hours to expose the hypocrisy of not only the left, but that in his own party. He is every bit as quick to point out and praise those who do the right thing as he is to criticize those who don’t. God bless the Breitbart and Erickson/RedState families as they continue to encourage us, their supporters and fellow happy warriors, in keeping the United States of America the greatest nation in the world.”

Anyhoo, if you would like to nominate someone, go to breitbartawards.com. I am unable to include a working link.



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