Lesson Learned (?) and an Invitation

It has sometimes been said we elect the president we deserve. It has also been said we elect the president we need for the times. I’m not too sure how this applies when half of the country is diametrically opposed to the other half. Perhaps those who have said this were on the victorious side!

I must admit that I totally agree with what EE said in his most recent editorial. I myself was never a fan of Gov. Romney as a candidate, although I have to say I would have rejoiced in his presidency had he won, but probably not policy-wise because I still did not trust him. However, it would have been nice to have a truly decent man with his truly decent wife and family in the White House. A President Romney would at least have returned dignity and personal morality to the office. Ah…what might have been.

As for the lesson learned, can we now admit that it is and has been a huge mistake to run a moderate candidate? Republicans/Conservatives NEVER win running a right of center moderate. It will now be up to all Conservatives everywhere to insist on and vote for a true and strong conservative in the primary. Personally (and at the risk of getting piled on) I am hoping for Perry in 2016 with the hopes that he has put in many hours of practice in the art of “debate”. If not Perry, then someone with his conservative credentials. We can no longer afford to nominate a candidate because they are supposedly the “most electable”. I swear if Chris Christie is our nominee in 2016, I’ll have to drop my RS membership because I won’t be able to support him. It has nothing to do with the whole hugging Obama thing, it’s because he’s just another right of center moderate and not a conservative.

The media, the media, the MSM. I’ve mentioned this before and I still believe we must find a way to counter the MSM, which is completely dedicated to furthering progressive liberal politics and way of life. While Fox and RS, Breitbart, Drudge, Human Events, et al are great at getting out the conservative message and pointing out the evil, wicked, mean and nasty liberal meme of the day, we will never be able to compete until we have a truly balanced network (or not) that is not on cable or satellite. Surely there is a group of people who can finance and create such a network. I don’t have cable or satellite, but there are at least 3 spanish-speaking only free stations in my area. If they can find financing, advertisers/clients and the wherewithal to survive, why can’t a conservative station survive? Why hasn’t anyone tried? Like it or not, and as much as we’d like to believe they will die, the Big 3 aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. It is a problem begging for a solution.

Lastly, if you are residing in a mostly blue state and looking for a change and are able, I invite you to move to Oklahoma, or Texas if you must 🙂 and experience what its like to live among your own kind. Oklahoma is even more red than Texas. All of our congresscritters (House and Senate) are conservatives now, our state House and Senate are solidly red as well. Our cost of living is low and our Governor is working hard to attract new businesses and make it easier for the existing ones to operate. We’d love to have y’all and as all the many transplants I’ve met from Up North and Back East who have moved here have said, we’re the most friendly folk they’ve ever met!




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