Amazon disgusts, angers and disappoints me.

Mods, I hope you will allow me to post this here as I don’t know of another place to state my anger where it will get the attention of the kind of people that I’m sure will share it.

I was searching for a book by James Patterson yesterday on my Kindle. I no longer remember what the title was, only that it spit back a list at me of things that not only had the title of what I was looking for, but also some titles involving incest. Not the psychological issue kind of incest, the hardcore pornography kind of incest. Thinking it surely was not what it appeared to be, I clicked on one of the titles and sure enough there it was, in living black and white, XXX rated pornographic literature, stories if you will, about every kind of depraved situation you can think up. I went on to discover not only can you purchase it, you can borrow it through their ebook library lending program. That’s right, all a kid needs is a Kindle, a little imagination and swear to be 18 or older when borrowing an ebook.

I did a quick google search on the subject and found a blog whose owner was participating in the Amazon affiliation program that allows links to Amazon from her blog and she made money each time someone went there to make a purchase. In 2010, she wrote Jeff Bezos to tell him she would be ending her affiliation (and losing significant income in the process) because Amazon was selling a how-to book for pedophiles. Naturally, he cited the author’s protection under the First Amendment and his being unwilling to censor materials sold on Amazon. She apparently has a large amount of readers and fellow bloggers who also wrote to inform Mr. Bezos they would not be making any more purchases from his business or participating in the affiliates program until that book and others like it were removed. Thankfully, that particular book was eventually removed. Interestingly, that book was self-published and Amazon allows uploads of self-published material to go unchecked.

I must either be the last person to find out about this or I’m naive enough to believe that places like Amazon are ‘safe’. I could not have been more surprised than if I had found the same material right here at RedState.

I give Amazon a lot of business…I regularly stream movies and tv, purchase books for my Kindle, download music, make other general purchases from time to time. My family and friends routinely make purchases through Amazon. Now I have to write a letter to Jeff Bezos and tell him what a disappointment he is and that he will no longer benefit from my patronage, as though I think he’ll care. I plan to urge him to stop allowing self-published material to go unscreened, even if he has to hire several people to monitor it or do it himself. I plan to tell him he has the morals of Larry Flint, in the nicest possible way of course.

I hope some of you will join me in writing to Mr. Bezos and letting him know you too are disappointed and disgusted.