EE Tweaks McConnell's Not-So-Funny Bone

Found this on the Daily Caller. It cracked me up and I had to share it.

On the Laura Ingraham show today, Mitch McConnell got his nose put out of joint when she informed him EE had said McConnell is “an appropriator before he’s a Republican.”, to which he replied “That’s entirely inaccurate,” McConnell responded. “I don’t even know who Erick Erickson is, but he has no audience as far as I’m concerned.”

Nothing makes ’em madder than a little truth, eh Erick? Good job! Wonder what he’d say if he knew just how big that audience you don’t have really is?


There’s a snippet of the radio show here for a little more in depth giggles.
Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/04/25/mcconnell-slams-red-states-erick-erickson-he-has-no-audience-as-far-as-i%e2%80%99m-concerned/#ixzz1t73QpSpR