The Monumental Ego of Mitt Romney

I find it very interesting, and somewhat pathetic, that the man insists on staying in the race. What does it say about a man, whom most conservatives do not like nor trust, who insists on staying in a race even when he hasn’t shown he can win a clear majority in a primary or a caucus? When you add up all the non-Romney votes, they far and away beat his regular to slightly up-ticked percentages. What does it say about a politician who has no plan that he’s willing to delineate when giving a stump speech, who instead spends that time trying to convince his audience he is a conservative when everything about him and his record says otherwise? What does it say about a candidate whose own supporters cannot come up with anything to show why they believe he is the best man for the job and why he can beat Obama? There is something very, very wrong with this picture. Instead of being the kind of man who realizes perhaps he isn’t the right person for the job and bowing out, he’s the kind of man who just keeps on doing the same thing over and over again, all the while alienating the very people he will need to speak up and support him should we be unfortunate enough for him to be the nominee. This is the kind of man who believes he can “buy” the nomination by spending millions upon millions of dollars in television advertising and yet never toots his own horn in those same ads. This is a man who knows he does not have to do anything to win us over because he also knows the majority of us will vote for him should he become the nominee. That is all he needs from us, he doesn’t need or even seem to want our good will or passion. He doesn’t seem to care that most of us don’t have anything good to say about him or that we wouldn’t be able to convince the undecided to vote for him. Should he become the nominee and lose the general election, and he would lose to Obama, he will blame us.

I have never feared for my country as much as I have since Obama took office. I have never been so disheartened about an election in my life. I have never felt so powerless to do something about it.