I will FIGHT for Speaker Gingrich to win.

My mourning period for the candidacy of Gov. Rick Perry is nearly over. Since the beginning, Speaker Gingrich has been my second choice, now my first. I’d like to share with you one of the reasons the Speaker has my support.

President Reagan was the first president I ever voted for and voting for him was the last time I didn’t have to hold my nose while marking my ballot. I had no doubts whatsoever of his love for our great country. It practically oozed from every pore. I see the same from Speaker Gingrich and always have. This is a man who truly wants what is best for America and will fight tooth and nail to get it! Is he “perfect”? Not by a long shot, but he is human, a human who makes mistakes large and small, learns from them and moves on. Just like all of us.

I want a president with true passion for his country and who is not afraid to show it. Obama doesn’t have that, you can tell by looking at his eyes that have no life and his tone that is so void of any real emotion. Other than Gov. Perry and Speaker Gingrich, I have not been inspired by any other candidate to do anything to help them win. We already have too many elected officials in D.C. who are only in it for themselves and not for love of country!

If you read some of the Speaker’s books and other writings, you too would come to realize he has an unwavering love for this country. He absolutely believes in the exceptionalism of our United States and would never undermine her as Obama has done. When he is on stage during a debate and gets side-tracked into the historical part of whatever the question was, it is because he knows how amazing our history is and wants to share it with us all. It’s not always appropriate in that venue, but he wants inspire us all to feel the same passion for our country as he does. He knows how improbable it was that our nation even came into being and he also knows we have forgotten that. This is a man who is well aware of how far we’ve come to letting that slip away, bit by bit, and how hard the task will be to setting things right again.

I believe Newt Gingrich is the only remaining candidate who has the backbone to stand up to Obama and win, then move on to stand up to those Republicans in D.C. who no longer deserve the support of their constituents. What gives him the backbone to take them on? The same love of country that compels us to be here at Red State, defending our constitution and the exceptionalism of these United States.