Do You Believe In The Power Of One Vote?

(Before I begin, I’d like to thank the Powers That Be for granting me the privilege of a diary!)

I absolutely believe in the power of my one vote. This is perhaps the greatest of all “rights” our Constitution gives us, the right to vote for whomever we choose. It seems to me that our rights are being compromised almost to the point of being taken away by a number of groups – the Media, the Establishment (R’s) and the Enemy (D’s). Even worse, a great many are allowing them to do so because no one can figure out how to make them stop. Instead of beating our heads on that particular wall, perhaps we should focus our attention on our fellow voters outside of RedState.

I plan to write a letter to my fellow Oklahomans to remind them that none of us should fall for the big lie of ‘inevitability’. It makes no difference what party affiliation you subscribe to or what election is taking place – local, state, national – when there are several widely recognized factions (who normally have nothing in common) spreading the inevitability lie, you can be sure they each have an agenda that is not in your best interest. It has never been more important than in this presidential primary cycle to recognize and call attention to this fact.

Nowhere is it written that we are required to accept the decisions made by the first four or five states to cast their ballots, most particularly when the first state holds a caucus in which anyone can register as a member of whatever party is holding said caucus and skew the vote. If you listen to the Media, the Establishment and the Enemy, that’s exactly what they think we should do. It’s time to stand up and shout NO!

I would like to challenge my fellow RedStaters to begin a letter writing campaign to as many newspapers, local blogs and anywhere else you can reach voters in your state to remind them that their vote does count. Remind them it is important in the primary season to vote for the candidate who best represents their own view of a sound government, as well as representing their own social mores.

There’s an awful lot of apathy out there to overcome and none of us will ever know how many voters will see, read and take to heart the letters we write. If I only encourage one person to vote for their preferred candidate, then I will have succeeded.

Will you join me?