Ralph's Racial Reading List




Now that it appears Governor Ralph Northam intends to stay in office, he has leaked his remedial reading list:


Oh boy, this was inevitable wasn’t it? Politicians in personal scandal mode will do anything to show their repentance. Democratic politicians in particular, will lash out in search of anything that will keep their non-homogenized interest groups in line.

Northam is now in a position where it increasingly looks like he will be able to hang on to his office, because Justin Fairfax now has multiple sexual assault allegations to deal with,  with more coming seemingly by the hour. Its hard to conceive of any way that Virginia Democrats will be convinced to let go of more statewide offices then they have to. With the loss of his natural constituencies however, Northam’s ability to exert influence is going to be next to nil unless he can keep his folks on side. So whats a politician to do? No way in hell can he bring up the abortion business again, with that having already rolled over like a turd tossed into the punchbowl. So next up, the race hustlers.

What a hustle it is. Coates is an out and out reparationist. I’m sure that given enough time and enough desperation, Northam will also come out in support of looking further at this extremely divisive issue. Racial Ralph will also be sure to hold a press conference, look the camera deep in the eye, and talk about things in terms of “our shared problem”. He’ll be allowed to get away with it; The mainstream media always frames racial issues in roughly this way:

  • Republican scandal – “Republicans are racist”
  • Democrats scandal- “Everyone must look deep in their souls”

No information yet though on whether or not Northam’s advisers have required him to give a book report.