Tea Party Fiscal Concerns Based on Social Conservative Morals

Recently, some Republicans have demanded that social conservatives sit down and shut up so Republican successes, unimpeded by social controversies, can fix our fiscal difficulties. But this is not just a problem with a few isolated Republicans, it is a symptom of greater establishment Republican malaise. These people choose to believe that Tea Party and other conservative support for Republicans is based entirely on fiscal issues and that they need not risk losing votes by taking a controversial position of action on social conservative issues.


These establishment Republicans have requested that social conservatives remain silent so they can gain or maintain power to deal with jobs, the economy and excess government spending. But recent research has found that Tea Party and other conservative supporters and voters for Republican candidates, are largely social conservatives that are also Pro-Life, Pro-Traditional Marriage, Pro-Family and anti-homosexual agenda.


Many of these Republican supporters see our fiscal difficulties as a moral issue rooted deep in their social conservative, religious and moral, right versus wrong foundational beliefs. Elected officials selling taxpayer favors to the highest bidders is a moral issue. Overspending and incurring insurmountable debt that destroys our prosperity and passes this burden to our children is clearly a moral issue.


The Crony Capitalism that goes on between government and powerful business and financial interests provides monopolistic and anti-competitive advantages in return for campaign and other direct or indirect support. These powerful interests have been propped up by corrupt government officials, and these interests and their political cronies are greatly enriched at the expense of the taxpayer and their homes, small businesses, and the American economy. Without question, this is also seen as a major moral flaw.


Tea Party and other conservatives, that have in recent times supported Republicans, may have been less vocal and demanding on social issues over the past few years. But Republicans who presume that these supporters are unattached to social conservative issues and that these issues can be deferred indefinitely, do so at their own risk.


If these Tea Party and many other conservative Republican supporters have truly given their efforts and votes to these candidates to restore honor and morality in government, not solely to fix money problems, any demand for social conservatives to sit down and shut up, if obeyed, would be disastrous for Republicans.


The Tea Party and other social conservatives are not an obstacle to Republican successes that needs to be beaten back to allow Republicanism to flourish, they are the very substance of Republican victories. As we have relearned recently, politicians that disrespect their constituents, their voters and supporters, often suffer dramatically shortened political life-expectancies. For more information on the Tea Party and social conservative issues, go to the following link: