Of Bibles, Korans and Mosques

Isn’t It Ironic?


Bibles printed in Afghan languages, sent by a stateside church to an American soldier stationed in Afghanistan for distribution to Afghans, were confiscated by the U.S. military and burned. Violently incensed Christian rioters around the world could not be found.


With the very real threat and actual commission of violent rioting and murder, muslims, along with their Obamacrat and lame stream media appeasers, are demanding that a U.S. citizen be barred from exercising a constitutional right to burn the Koran because of strong muslim sentiments.


At the same time, with the very real threat of violent rioting and murder, these same people are demanding that muslims be allowed to exercise their “right” to build a victory mosque at ground zero, trampling with total disregard the sentiments and broken hearts of the families and nation that have suffered since that dark day on 9/11.