Who's Zoomin' Who?

Gone are the days of the Democrats being classified into moderate, liberal and far left. Marxists have hijacked the Democrat Party and these days, they are all FAR LEFT EXTREMISTS. Due to this shift within the Democrat Party, the majority of Americans are now labeled by Democrats and aided by the lapdog Lame Stream Media, as FAR RIGHT EXTREMISTS.


What the new Democrats call Centrist Republicans are really the new Democrat Moderates. What Democrats call the Right is the new Center, and what Democrats call far-right extremists are the new Right of Center, in reality, mainstream Conservatives. Although Democrat terminology has shifted, the American Mainstream remains still Right of Center.


Far from being condemnation of Conservatives, current Democrat terminology is only further evidence that the Democrats are out of touch with the American people. I am hopeful that, despite past successes and current efforts to steal the Mid-Term Elections, the Democrats will receive due punishment at the polls.


Some claim that the American people have abandoned the Democrat Party. Many in the Republican Party complain that the people have abandoned it as well, especially former “Centrist Republicans”. The truth is, while America has remained steadfastly Right of Center, both Democrats and Republicans in large numbers have abandoned the American people.