Losing Obama's Religion

The Reverend Franklin Graham recently expressed his opinion that while Obama was “born a Muslim” as the son of Muslim father and given a Muslim name, Graham accepts Obama’s claim that he has renounced Islam, accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior, and is currently a Christian. The article on the ABC World News website was incredulous that 18% of Americans could believe that Obama was a Muslim in the face of the fact that he has clearly stated he is Christian.


The ABC article ignorantly or intentionally missed the point. Americans are confused about Obama’s religious underpinnings precisely because they cannot accept the word of our President as fact. On too many occasions, Obama has bald-faced lied to the American public for political gain, and what he says can no longer be believed. While the confusion about his religious beliefs is of Obama’s own making, the fact that the President can neither be believed nor trusted is perhaps the greater sin.


The depth or breadth of stated presidential religious belief is not customarily a topic of civil conversation. However, the extent to which a president subscribes to American, Judeo-Christian values and principles, and how that influences government, is of import to the public. While the truth of Obama’s religion is hidden deep within his heart, clues to how his presidential actions are influenced by his religion are apparent in his behavior, and his behavior as President has a direct effect on the daily lives of the American people.


Evidence exists that he does not hold strong Christian beliefs in that he canceled the National Day of Prayer, he actively promotes abortion and homosexuality, and he favors censorship of Christian speech. The fact that he has abused the traditionally close relationship between the U.S. and Israel indicates that he is anti-Jewish. His 20+ years of support for Reverend Wright, speaks to his belief in Black Liberation Theology with its associated anti-American and racist sentiment.


When it comes to Islam, Obama identifies with the Muslim culture and belief system because of his background and he consistently makes unwarranted concessions to Muslim nations and causes. He has initiated a campaign through NASA to work to establish good-will especially with these particular nations and he refuses to identify and name the enemy in the War on Terror as Islamic Jihadist Extremists.


Obama wants to give these Islamic terrorists, who brought about the murders and destruction of 9/11 and beyond, a World Stage to air their grievances against America in open court. He sides with Islamic Extremists in building their mosque and command and control jihad and shariah center at 9/11 Ground Zero, where the feet of the victorious Muslims will tread on “the bones and ashes” of the murdered 9/11 victims, well-known as a supreme insult in Muslim culture.


To all outward appearances, Obama seems to identify most with Islam, if only on a cultural basis. But Obama has the uncanny ability to morph into any persona he chooses, as the circumstances demand. This ability, and a great deal of behavioral evidence, confirms the impression that he truly has no foundation in any real religious belief. Without moorings in the American, Judeo-Christian value system, President Obama sees no restrictions on government domination of the human spirit. The truth of Obama’s faith will continue to remain hidden, deep within his heart, and perhaps rightly so. But his lack of a solid grounding in American values, coupled with his position as the most powerful leader on earth, threatens the very foundations of our liberty.


Reference:  Sawyer D. The Rev. Franklin Graham Says President Obama Was “Born a Muslim”: Comments Come as Poll Shows One in Five Americans Wrongly Believes Obama is Muslim. ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, August 20, 2010. http://tinyurl.com/2dlgmsx